Hard at Work

The other day I get an email from Human Resources at my job, telling me I need to head down to speak to some woman I never heard of in the HR department. I was wondering if they were going to show me a complaint or something from one of my female coworkers, but the note said be there at 1:30 and at least it meant I got away from my desk for while. I headed down to HR and told the secretary I was there to see Ms. Silva. I always wondered why the whole HR staff was a bunch of hot women in CFNM style business suits, I guess guys just don’t get into that line of work much… Read full story »

Mrs. Sullivan and the Buried Fingers

You know how after awhile porn begins to look the same? The same girls, the same toys, the same positions, the same thing over and over again. This past weekend I was just about to enjoy some quality alone time with my little friend when I suddenly lost the urge to jerk off. I was horny but nothing seemed to be able to get me off. I closed my eyes and began to stoke my dick and thought of the thing that used to get me hot fifteen years ago. Her name was Mrs. Sullivan. Read full story »

Open Up and Say “Ahhhhhhh Yeah”

Breaking up with my girlfriend was rough. She was a sexy college girl with big tits and totally unrealistic expectations. That’s what happens when you are twenty years older than your fiancé I guess… Read full story »

An Apple for Ms. Somerset

I was never very good at school.  I was good at football, drinking, smoking, and chasing girls. But not school. Honestly, I was never interested in school. I was from a small town and I figured I was going to grow up, go to State, and then work in my old man’s auto shop. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I learned to love school. Or rather, I learned to love Ms. Somerset. Read full story »

New Pussy, Please

I was horny as fuck the other night but I had a dilemma – I neither wanted to work hard for cfnm, nor did I want to pipe the girls I had already fucked, you know?  I needed something fresh, something exciting.  I could just beat off, but fuck it, I wanted a cfnm blowjob, I wanted some fresh pussy. Read full story »

Beach Party Blast

The other night I was at the beach with friends, just us in our trunks, when a group of girls doing the club scene caught our attention – older, milfy, but still hot, the type of cougars who could probably suck a cock dry.  There was this blond that caught my attention – long legs, lovely face – so we began to mingle, thoughts of cfnm in our minds, but she shot me down pretty quick because she was getting married and had no plans to cheat for anyone or any dick.  Bummer. Read full story »

College Reunion Part 2

When your wife gives you the go-ahead to give her old college roommate head you don’t have an option—you do it. I dove in head first burying my tongue in Samantha’s pussy. Her panties were soaked to the bone with her juices. She smelled like expensive perfume and fancy drawer liners like my wife uses to keep her panties smelling fresh. I breathed in her scent, fuck, she smelled incredible. Read full story »

College Reunion Part 1

My wife Lydia and I have been married for almost 10 years, and while our sex life is great, sticking your dick in the same pussy for 10+ years can become tedious. Don’t get me wrong, Lydia is a total fox, the woman of my dreams, and fucks like a rabbit on speed. But lately I felt like something was missing, we needed a change. Read full story »

Routine Maintenance Chapter 3

I couldn’t believe that was happening to me. I felt like I was jumping off the pages of a Penthouse Forum letter. I had read the CFNM stories in those magazines over and over again, wishing I were the one being controlled by a beautiful woman. And now, not one but three beautiful women were controlling me!

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Routine Maintenance Chapter 2

I stood in the waiting room, naked, holding my deflated cock in my hand wondering what the protocol was for this situation. I bent over to pick my clothing up off the floor when voice came back.

“Mr. Sinderson do not pick up your clothing. You will remain naked for the duration of the exam. Please come in and follow the hallway to room number three. The doctor will be with you momentarily.”

The door next to the nurse’s window opened slowly, leading to a long corridor devoid of any decoration. I walked into room number three and took a seat on the examining table.

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