The full name of this site is The Tale of the Dancing Bear. Essentially, it is a site about male strippers who go that extra mile for their clientele. By the extra mile, I mean they get fully nude in front of these mostly clothed and horny women. They do parties, at clubs, at homes, and in offices. Most of the videos on this site are filmed at bachelorette parties and clubs. They also film at private residences and corporate offices as well, giving women of all sorts an exciting show.

The Dancing Bear gets its name from the bear costume that one of the dancers will wear at these gigs. The women go crazy for the Bear, but its not the Bear that these shoots are all about. It’s the naked men and clothed women that make this an exciting CFNM site. The videos here are awesome. In some of them you have party girls, dressed like sluts who are cock hungry. In other videos you have secretaries who look like they haven’t been fucked in months and initially look very shy, turning in to cock crazed whores.

On the non-members page you get trailers of the videos on the site that are filmed at the various gigs. They are little snippets, that give just a small taste of what you can get with a membership. These trailers don’t even come close to all the awesome action you’ll get with a full membership.

If you want to check this site out for a bit, try the 3 Day Trial just $4.95. If you like what you see, then join up. You can get 1 Month for $24.95   (only 0.83¢ a day!) Or go for broke, and get a 1 year membership for $7.95 per month, billed as a onetime payment of $89.95. If you sign up for the 3 day trial, chances are you are going to be satisfied enough to sign up for a full membership and the full year for $89.95 is undoubtedly the best deal here.

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Once you log in to the members site, you get the latest updates, which at present happen every other week. The videos are anywhere from sixty minutes to near two hours long, so it does take them a little longer to put together. The action in these videos is pretty hot, horny and wild. In each video you get a variety of action. I mean think about it, in one to two hours there are a lot of different things going on, so you will not be dissatisfied with the videos. Dancing Bear has it set up so that you can watch the entire video, or check out the pictures and screencaps. There are tons of pictures from each shoot. You can also check out the video via one or two minute clips.

On the main page alone you get sixteen videos to check out in all their glory. You would not believe what some of these sluts will do in a room full of strippers with a hard cock, and their horny friends. They will suck cock, each other, and fuck the brains out of the dancers when given the opportunity. Believe me they are given plenty of opportunities! This is what CFNM is all about!

One thing I need to comment on, there do not seem to be any download provisions. The videos are great, you get a buttload of great CFNM video action, but there is really not much else on the site. There are not a whole lot of extras here. Members are given special deals on other sites, but no other sites to go to for free. There are links to see if there might be any horny bitches in your area, and webcam links. That is about it. So with a membership here, it is essentially that, a membership to Dancing Bear, so don’t expect alot of extras.

I give The Dancing Bear props for well produced video content, but if you come here expecting all kinds of extras you may be slightly disappointed. But keep in mind, you signed up because you wanted to see Dancing Bear videos, not all kinds of other shit.  I do wish they allowed downloads though. Judging this site based on the videos they present, I would give this site a hard dick but with a bit to be desired.

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