Medical CFNM

Medical CFNM is a specific sub-niche of CFNM for those interested in a fantasy of females dressing and acting the part of medical personnel.  This sub-niche is based on the enjoyment of some or all of such concepts as CFNM, female domination, BDSM, role play, and the emphasis on classic roles in society such as caregiver and care-receiver.

Common CFNM dress in Medical CFNM includes women dressed up in sexy nurses or doctor costumes.  Some examples of common attire are red high boots or platform stripper shoes, red stockings or fishnets, short white hospital attire, and clothing accessories covered in the international sign for medicine, the red cross.  Common materials used in the making of these costumes are latex, leather, and spandex, which are all commonly associated with BDSM sexual behavior.

Clothing is not the only part of the fetish that lends to the medical fantasy.  Other accessories can be used in Medical CFNM role play and sex too.  These can include spectrums, restraints, and various other clinic supplies that can commonly be found in a doctor’s office to help set the scene.  Other tools that are handy are DVDs, pictures, or internet videos featuring the fetish.

In Medical CFNM, the woman dressed in medical costume may use these accessories to engross their partner in the medical fantasy by performing faux medical procedures on their pretend male patients.

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