That Dancing Bear is My Idol!

As many of you probably already know, is one of my favorite cfnm sites. Why? I just think they have the hottest cfnm videos, filled with blowjobs, handjobs and tons of hot babes. Plus each one of their cfnm vids is usually over an hour long, so you get tons of different cfnm content and scenes in each shoot. Not only do they have the longest videos, but they have tons and tons of cfnm pics to go along with each video.

Anyway, last night I spent several hours watching porn on my computer. Mostly cfnm stuff because it is my favorite niche and i really like to watch the bachelorette parties that Dancing Bear is famous for. The reality porn really gets my dick hard. Plus instead of going out and fucking, I felt like beating my meat for once.

Some people may call President Obama, or Albert Pujols, or Tom Brady their idol, but fuck that! This Dancing Bear is my idol! He is absolutely my idol. I watched several of the Dancing Bear updates last night. I looked at the pictures too, and in every one of these shoots, their he was! This guy gets all the hottest and horniest chicks to give him hardcore cfnm action. Everywhere I looked, he was getting Cfnm Blowjobs, Group Blowjobs, Handjobs and just having a grand old time with all these horny women. I’m so in awe by this guy, that I even looked at applying for a job to become part of the Dancing Bear team. Could you imagine a part time job, where you get paid to get your cock sucked and wanked by women who just want a taste of your meat? I can!

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like sliding my cock in to a real live wet pussy, but watching these videos last night and masturbating to the quality content on the site really satisfied me. I slept like a baby and even had dreams about what it must be like to be the Dancing Bear.

Hey Dancing Bear, if you are reading, you are my idol. Keep up the GREAT work!

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