Blazing Beach Fire

Hot Sex on the Beach

I had just received a nice handsome paycheck and I was going to head back home after we won the trial but I figured I could rent out a cheap hotel room and spend some nights under the sultry summer sun on Denmark Beach. The place is a hotbed for a buffet-line of young chicks wearing virtually nothing and showcasing their well-tatted bodies and camel toe that just makes you fiend for a nice, warm soothing pussy.

Only a freak can satisfy me so when I’m deeply injecting my big dick inside their tight twat I want them dripping wet and begging for more dick. If it’s a trio, I want to be able to smash from behind and then whip my dick out and insert it in her friend’s mouth and ask her to taste her friend’s wet pussy.

I love it. So, I was at a college bar Porkin’ Petes when I started getting up close and personal with this girl Alexis. She had baby blue eyes and a nice rack and I could feel that tight, gym-toned specimen of ass just by pulling my hand around and giving her a nice squeeze for good measure. She seemed to be on the sexually disgruntled side.

I asked her about it and she revealed that she can’t find any of the college boys to pipe her right. Even the big-dicked idiot fellas who tear into all the girls and are sought after are overhyped, she told me. She wanted an experience which would allow her to embrace the sexual beast within her and have her cuming all over a giant cock and screaming for mercy.

That’s when a couple tequila shots had us sucking face and the much-younger smoke show started grabbing for my dick when I walked her behind the bar facing the beach and she began grabbing for my cock. She then gave my thick thumper a few start-up jerks before devouring my dick and walloping my wood with a nice blowjob.

The CFNM suckjob felt good as fuck but it was so out in the open I asked her if she wanted to cum back to my hotel room. She revealed to me, while licking my balls, that the only thing she wanted was my massive meat deep inside her.

So we went on the beach and, nestling next to the beachfire, she started treating me again to the blowjob before I stripped to the bone and injected my dick into the snatch of the lil cutie.

It was warm and comfortable and we were fucking in the sand next to the warm fire, dripping in sweat. That’s when I picked her up and throttled my dick in her pussy as she wrapped her legs around me and I fucked her hard. Her tits were bouncing through her shirt and she was screaming viciously before I unleashed a giant creambomb that covered her smiling face.

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