Kara’s Revenge….Cfnm Style

Kara Gets it Cfnm Style

Kara really wants revenge on her boyfriend Iggy, who always fucks the snot out of other girls, gets caught and says he can do whatever the fuck he wants. But he tells Kara if she does anything with any other dude, he’s going to “find that cat and send him to the hospital!” But Kara has been taking Iggy’s shit for far too long, and she’s really fiending for a schlong.

So she calls me up at about 10:30 and tells me she’s really horny and her pussy needs to be split by my cock. So I cum over to the place and let her slurp down my cock cfnm style. She lies down and starts taking a big dose of dick as she looks up at me with her sexy eyes as my cock is planted in her mouth. She’s giving a gangster-ass cfnm suckjob and flicking my butt cheeks to increase the feeling.

That’s when we start 69ing and I’m tearing my tongue into her wet cooter. It’s finally time for me to insert my dick. Instead of letting me rifle it in there, she grabs it with her hand and directs it in. I squirm inside her and she starts screaming as I thump and pump and drill that pussy so hard she nearly asks me to stop. She then has another request while I’m fucking her. I say no problem, continuing to blast her soaked pussy as she hands me the phone and dials Iggy’s number. She wants me to tell this wannabe-hard, fake thug how good it feels to fuck the shit out of his girlfriend. HAHA

“I get the answering machine and say “man, this wet pussy feels so fucking good she’s stroking my big cock and damn man this girl can take more meat than a deli delivery truck and her snatch is opening up as I drill this dick inside her!”

I then put the phone to her mouth as she continues to moan and beg me not to stop. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but her pussy is so warm that I whip the cock and unleash a big hot steamy jizz bomb all over her stomach.

She's Riding my Dick

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