Lunch Break Cfnm

Aliha Gets Fucked Cfnm Style

There are some days when you have to say fuck ethics. Throw that shit out the window and just do the dirty deed. I have this employee, Aliha. She is drop dead gorgeous. She’s in her upper 20′s, short blond hair, juicy lips. Just all around sexy. We’ve been attracted to each other since day one. I’ve had many of cfnm fantasies and dreams involving her.

Yesterday, the office was empty at lunch. I was trying to get some shit done, so decided to skip out on lunch and chug away to meet some deadlines. I’m sitting at my desk, focused as ever. All of a sudden, Aliha knocks on my office door. She comes in, and I could tell right away from her expressions that she had naughty intentions. Immediately I start thinking about fucking her cfnm style, in the sexy spring dress she was wearing.

“You know Boss…..I’ve wanted you for a long time”, she says. My dick is getting hard under my desk. “I think you’ve wanted me to,” she continues. She comes on my side of the desk and sits there, with her legs spread. This is nothing new to me. I’ve probably fucked half of my employees over the years.

While she sitting there and continue to talk, I get up and stand in between her legs. I could tell she was horny as fuck. I grab her and kiss her, as she grabs for my cock. Things got intense quick. She unbuttoned my pants and got down on her knees as I removed my tie and shirt.

The cfnm blowjob she gave me was fucking intense. She was sucking hard and fast. I couldn’t imagine how long she had been planning this. I ran my fingers through her short hair and she continued the cfnm bj. I was talking to her as she sucked. Saying things like “you are so fucking sexy, I want to fuck the shit out of you”, etc.

Although the cfnm blowjob was good, I couldn’t fight it anymore. I wanted to penetrate her. I pulled her up and put her on the desk, lifting her dress and pulling her thong to the side. I went in for a couple licks, before sliding my dick in. I knew I had to make it quick. People would be getting back from lunch any minute.

I gave her the cfnm fuck of her life. Fucking her hard and fast. Looking at her beautiful face and the expressions she was making aroused me so bad. Before cumming, I bent her over a chair in my office and fucked her cfnm doggystyle. Finally, before anyone could catch us, I let out a monster cumshot, shooting it all over her ass.

She was pleased and I assure you, I was too!

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