Cleaning Lady and a Cfnm Tugjob

Cfnm Handjob by the Cleaning Lady

We’ve had the same cleaning lady for 3 yrs now. She’s this hot little Latina, that works hard and gets the job done. I’d fuck her in a heartbeat, no doubt. The other day, she came to me, saying she wanted to make a few extra bucks, if I knew anyone that needed some cleaning done. I told her i’d pass the word to some of my associates.

I was in a horny mood and started to flirt with her. I’d had these dirty cfnm thoughts in my mind. I knew she was pretty comfortable flirting with me….I mean honestly she was probably a slut anyway. I told her i’d give her $100 bucks for a cfnm handjob. She was definitely interested. In fact she looked shocked that i’d offered so much.

We went back to one of the unused offices where she keeps most of her supplies. We locked the door, and she got down on her knees as I pulled out my cock. I got completely naked as she grabbed a hold of my dick. It had been a while since i’d gotten a cfnm handjob. I let her know just how I liked it, and she learned quickly.

Once she got a hang of it, she actually gave a great cfnm handjob, stroking up and down my cock, using both hands, going in a circular motion, going fast then slow then fast again. It felt great. $100 might have been a steep price to pay, but fuck it, I was filling my cfnm appetite and she was making a few extra bucks.

At times it looked like she wanted to taste my dick, but she never did. I wanted to come on her face, but out of respect, I didnt, letting her know exactly when it was going to shoot out. She jacked me off until the last moment, shooting my load in to the air and on to the floor.

It might not have been the work she was looking for, but she made $100 in 10 minutes, so i’m sure she was satisfied.

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