The Dressing Room

So, I’ve been dating Angie for like three weeks. We met at a club. She’s an Italian brunette, only five feet tall with big full lips, those big shy eyes and the sexiest fucking bubble-butt I ever seen. The best part is, she works at this fancy vintage clothing boutique so she keeps bringing me free stuff and I pretty much never have to buy her anything.


The other day she tells me I should visit her at work and she can get the tailor there to measure me correctly so she can find me the perfect leather jacket. Free jacket, and all I gotta do is show up to have some lady measure me out.

I woke up early, well early for me so around noon heh, and I headed down to the shop. When I got there the place was packed. I probably shouldn’t have went on a weekend but I had no idea her store would be so fucking busy. She saw me come in and she runs over to give me a hug hello, with those big tits bouncing up and down every time she took another step. Angie always smells great, her perfume is like sweet peaches or something.

She tells me the tailor isn’t there because she went on lunch break, but I can just grab a few different sizes and go into the dressing room to try them on for starters. If none of them fit, she’d get the tailor to measure me as soon as she got back.

I grabbed a couple really cool Diesel jacks and headed into the dressing room. A minute later I’m trying on this black zippered jacket and checking it out in the wall to wall mirrors when the dressing room door swings open and Angie walks in to check on me. Three walls are floor to ceiling mirrors and the other wall has one of those short doors on it where you can see people’s feet and head if you look above or below it.

Angie puts one finger across her lips to tell me “shhhhh’ and with her other hand she gently pushes me back up against the wall. Then she reaches down to unbuckle my jeans for some CFNM sex and starts sliding them down onto the floor!

All of a sudden she’s got my cock in her throat, but she’s standing bent over at the waist, so to people outside it looks like she’s standing and they just can’t see her head over the top because she ain’t that tall. hahaha

I’m trying really hard not to make any noise so I grab a tight hold of her hair and I’m pulling her down on me, fucking her face balls-deep! She’s starting to gag and that’s when I let go with a big cumshot right down her throat! She stands up smiles at me and says really loud “Jacket looks great, c’mon out so we can ring it up” for the other people in the shop to hear. That’s the best public CFNM blowjob I ever got!

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