Beach Party Blast

The other night I was at the beach with friends, just us in our trunks, when a group of girls doing the club scene caught our attention – older, milfy, but still hot, the type of cougars who could probably suck a cock dry.  There was this blond that caught my attention – long legs, lovely face – so we began to mingle, thoughts of cfnm in our minds, but she shot me down pretty quick because she was getting married and had no plans to cheat for anyone or any dick.  Bummer.

The thing is though, that after the rejection, one of her friends hovered near me as my friends spoke to the other girls, this dark haired girl named Rebeca.  She wasn’t bad – just not what I first wanted – but we kept talking and personality wise, she was way cooler than the blond, and after 20 minutes or so it was clearly flirting and teasing, and hell, my mood picked up.

Soon I was all over Rebeca, but by this time her friends and my friends had gone to mingle elsewhere nearby, while I snuck off with “Rebs” to a side bar.  Making out while mixing shots of patron, this milf had me by the cock half the time, experience and age had taught her how to sneak a grab at a dick very well.  No one seemed to notice.  “Lets get out of here” she whispered, and I was already hard and drunk, so fuck it, away we went.  We made it as far as the parking lot, which was far enough, because this milf was on me like white on rice.  With just my trunks, she pulled them off, and then my briefs, giving me a cfnm blowjob right there.  I was so drunk, I don’t know how my dick stayedhard but she used her hands and brought me to life.

The girl didn’t want to drop her own pants nor fuck in the car – neither of us had a condom, damn it! (but hey I was at the beach, its not like I had a place to hide that shit) – but she still was horny as hell and just kept sucking on me while I added her phone number to my cellphone.  She inserted my dick in her mouth with force, a real hard cfnm suck off, face fucking her, until she brought me to orgasm.  She let me cum in her mouth, then stood up – let it slip out – played with it, and then spit it aside, what a dirty milf!  Then she drank her shot of tequila and was right back in the club with her friends, and I knew I had to call her again.

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