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Hard at Work

The other day I get an email from Human Resources at my job, telling me I need to head down to speak to some woman I never heard of in the HR department. I was wondering if they were going to show me a complaint or something from one of my female coworkers, but the note said be there at 1:30 and at least it meant I got away from my desk for while. I headed down to HR and told the secretary I was there to see Ms. Silva. I always wondered why the whole HR staff was a bunch of hot women in CFNM style business suits, I guess guys just don’t get into that line of work much… Read full story »

Mrs. Sullivan and the Buried Fingers

You know how after awhile porn begins to look the same? The same girls, the same toys, the same positions, the same thing over and over again. This past weekend I was just about to enjoy some quality alone time with my little friend when I suddenly lost the urge to jerk off. I was horny but nothing seemed to be able to get me off. I closed my eyes and began to stoke my dick and thought of the thing that used to get me hot fifteen years ago. Her name was Mrs. Sullivan. Read full story »

Open Up and Say “Ahhhhhhh Yeah”

Breaking up with my girlfriend was rough. She was a sexy college girl with big tits and totally unrealistic expectations. That’s what happens when you are twenty years older than your fiancé I guess… Read full story »

An Apple for Ms. Somerset

I was never very good at school.  I was good at football, drinking, smoking, and chasing girls. But not school. Honestly, I was never interested in school. I was from a small town and I figured I was going to grow up, go to State, and then work in my old man’s auto shop. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I learned to love school. Or rather, I learned to love Ms. Somerset. Read full story »

New Pussy, Please

I was horny as fuck the other night but I had a dilemma – I neither wanted to work hard for cfnm, nor did I want to pipe the girls I had already fucked, you know?  I needed something fresh, something exciting.  I could just beat off, but fuck it, I wanted a cfnm blowjob, I wanted some fresh pussy. Read full story »

College Reunion Part 1

My wife Lydia and I have been married for almost 10 years, and while our sex life is great, sticking your dick in the same pussy for 10+ years can become tedious. Don’t get me wrong, Lydia is a total fox, the woman of my dreams, and fucks like a rabbit on speed. But lately I felt like something was missing, we needed a change. Read full story »

CFNM Swinger Dance Recital

For the longest time our friends Dan and Krystal have been asking my wife and I to sign up for Ballroom Dancing classes with them. Not only did I think it was going to be totally lame, they scheduled it right in the middle of football games so I had no clue why the hell Dan kept saying he loved it so much.

Krystal and my wife went to college together back in the day and they’re sorority sisters from ten years ago. My wife Britney still looks damn good in a blonde CFNM tennis player kind of way, but Krystal – she never became a mom so her tits look terrific and it probably doesn’t hurt that her husband Dan is a noted cosmetic surgeon.

Anyhow, I kept stalling and saying we would think about it, until finally their classes were done and they were having a recital to show off what they learned. The recital was on a Thursday night so I figured this would be my easy way out to go see what they were raving about and then politely say it’s just not for me.

Britney and I got there two hours early like Dan had asked. I didn’t know why we needed to be there so early since they had assigned seats and all, but I figured I wanted to give them every reason to think I was taking this stuff seriously so they wouldn’t bust my balls later when I said we weren’t signing up for any classes.

We walk in the side door entrance and I can hear cha-cha music coming from down the hall, along with all the sounds of people moving around while dancing and practicing their moves. As we turn the corner at the end of the hall to walk into the ballroom, my eyes almost popped right out of my head. Those sounds weren’t from dancing, it was a room full of people CFNM fucking!

My wife gasped out loud and just as she was about to turn away to leave she hears Krystal holler “Hiya Britney!!” That’s when we both looked over and saw Krystal in her red stiletto heeled dancing shoes, flowing scarlet dress and her hair all done up – bent over while Dan was fucking her in front of a mirror CFNM style while some other girl was telling her to keep her back straight?! I guess she was the dance instructor?

I nudged my wife forward and we walked right up to them. Krystal’s tits were jiggling as one bounced out the top of her dress and Dan quickly clutched it tight in his hand to hold on so he could fuck her deeper. They hardly skipped a single thrust while we stood there….

“Point blank, my wife has been telling me all your college stories Britney so I know what a slut you have always been – even if your own husband has no idea. And Tom, it’s painfully obvious that you’ve wanted to shove your cock in my wife Krystal for as long as we have known each other. The ballroom dancing thing is just one of the ways we meet new swingers. If you think football is more fun than fucking half the women in this room…” He didn’t finish his sentence. He didn’t have to either.

We signed up for Ballroom Dancing CFNM lessons, Nature Hikes and pretty much anything else Dan asked us to do. He knew every Clothed Female Naked Male Swinger hangout in our home town, and once Britney got to admit what a whore she is, our sex lives became better than anyone else I’ve ever met – which is saying a lot considering how many people we have met to fuck in the last few years! Moral of the story is never turn down an invitation to go ballroom dancing. It could be the open marriage pass you’ve been hoping to find forever!

The 1% Club High Roller CFNM Orgy

I was out with a high roller friend of mine in Paris during a recent business trip. We had a few drinks at a local brasserie and then he says he wants to show me a private club he recently joined. At first I figured it was going to be a place to play cards for cash, but when we walked in the door it was a whole lot better than that! Most strip clubs have VIP rooms, but the really good places like this one are completely private and the whole place is pretty much one big VIP area.

Gorgeous girls in cocktail dresses, lingerie and all kinds of cosplay costumes patrol the room looking for a client they can entertain. You don’t tip them with dollar bills or anything like that, it’s all covered by some big money membership fee that club patrons join to get access. My business associate said they did a whole background check on him and his company, and that it took almost six weeks for him to finally get approved – and that was after he agreed to fork over a six figure annual amount to buy his way inside!

The girls were amazing and pretty much any fetish or fantasy was within their vocabulary. What surprised me the most was that people didn’t even bother going to private rooms. It was a big orgy parlor. Girls would get their favorite patrons completely naked and squat right down on them, fucking for everyone else to see. Sexy garter-belts, CFNM lingerie sets, and the hottest slut I ever saw, in a full nursing uniform going around to ‘check the pulse’ of the other girls while providing a helping hand for anyone interested in a CFNM threesome. What shocked me was how well-behaved everyone was, nobody ever shouted or argued or created any friction – other than the physical kind resulting from a hard cock pressed up against the cameltoe panties of a CFNM whore dry-humping her way to a big sticky cumshot.

As my friend explained, these were all men of means, and there was plenty of pussy to go around for everyone – so nobody ever minded sharing a slut or finding another CFNM playmate to play with instead. It was a real eye-opening experience to see how the 1% play, and it definitely made me rethink some of my own goals. For one thing, I know I gotta get a sexy nurse outfit for my wife when I get back home. That big tits brunette was un-fucking-believable looking in hers and my wife needs to start building up her CFNM wardrobe mighty quick if she wants to stay competitive with the other girls I’ve been fucking on the side lately!

Sun, Sand and Stealth

There’s a nude beach a few miles from my place but Kim would never agree to go there. No idea why she is so shy about her body, the girl is beautiful. Blonde curly hair, full lips, nice big tits and a belly tight enough to bounce a quarter on it. I used to go down there all the time and I never understood why people make such a big deal about being naked, but whatever… the idea wasn’t gonna fly with her.

Her sister comes into town and she’s a really good wakeboarder, so she keeps asking to go to the beach and other one for people who insist on wearing clothes is like forty minutes away because of all the traffic. At first I wasn’t really in the mood to drive down there, but then Kim tells me she’ll definitely make it worth my while and that changed everything.

Kim’s sister Candice loaded all her gear in my truck and we headed over to the beach in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, I figured that would at least make it a little less crowded. When we got there we had to walk a while just to find our own spot on the sand and it was still in view of other people but at least they were a ways away.

Candice hardly even said thanks before she grabbed her board and hit the surf. That left me on the beach in my board shorts drinking a cold one out of a paper bag and Kim in this bright pink and green bikini that was so tight it looked like her tits might pop out the top at any moment.

She tells me to lay down because she wants to put sun tanning oil on me. I got comfortable on the blanket and closed my eyes to keep the sun out, when all of a sudden I feel her yank my shorts all the way down around my ankles. Before I could even say anything she starts sucking my dick, and as I open my eyes I see she is kind of hiding her head behind our cooler so all anyone else can see is my laying down and her wearing a bathing suit as her hands rub oil all over my chest. They had no idea I was getting a CFNM blowjob!

“What the fuck Kim?” I said before I even thought enough to just shut the fuck up and enjoy myself. “I don’t like nude beaches she answered, because they’re too easy. You can’t get caught fucking on a nude beach because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. I like the thrill of Sun, Sand and Stealth having CFNM sex on the beach” she replied just before she throated my dick all the way down and started gagging on my cock.

“What about your sister, what if she comes back?” I asked, now wondering why I suddenly became Mister Good Samaritan all of a sudden. “I tell Candy everything, silly. Why do you think she got out of our way so quick. She’s got a whistle with her and if anyone is coming our way she’ll keep look out” she giggled.

That’s when Kim climbed on top of me and pulled the thong of her bikini bottoms over to one side so she could ride me like a CFNM Cowgirl. I gotta be honest, I lasted like two minutes and I popped a load inside her. You could see the CFNM creampie stain on her bikini coming through so she said she was heading into the water and asked if I wanted to join her. Best day at the beach I ever had. Turns out, nude beaches are for pussies!

The Back of His Bike

cfnm-ourdoor-sexIt’s a really sunny day so he wanted to take his Harley instead of the truck, and I like making him happy so I agreed to ride on the back. Still, it must have looked kinda strange to have me in my red evening gown on the back of his bike with a helmet and a leather jacket over it. Not at all a day where I expected to be having any kind of CFNM fun.

We pull onto the highway and my arms are wrapped tight around his waist. The bike is purring under me and pressing tight against my red lace panties. Mike feels so strong and powerful in my arms, leaning as we change lanes and gearing up with the gust of wind at our back as the bike revved up.

All of a sudden we hit a bump in the road and I scooted forward on the back of the seat. This puffy nub of the leather seat itself pressed right against my clit and I go so turned on. I moaned without even meaning to, but the wind and my helmet kept it all very private. That’s when I decided to have some fun.

I huddled up close to Mike and started rotating my hips, pressing my wet pussy down against the nub of the seat. My left hand slid up the back of his shirt and I started caressing his naked skin. So I guess that counts as Clothed Female Naked Male masturbation, right?

He must have figured out what was going on because the way he started working the gears, the bike kept revving and rising up to meet me. Within just a few moments I was shuttering and shivering against mike. My panties were soaked and the whole seat looked a little wet.

The bike starts slowing down and Mike pulls over on the shoulder of the road. He turns to face me, pulls off his helmet and lets his hair down. Leans forward to give me the warmest kiss on the mouth. Then he says ‘the next time you want to CFNM cum, you really should tell me before we leave the house. Not when we’re doing eighty on the open road.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just stared at him quietly as she slid his fingers inside me. A pool of my juices spilled out in his hand. Then without a word, he puts his helmet back on and away we go – what a wild ride that was!