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This Is Why You Lift All Them Weights

I was a pretty good athlete til I busted up my knee making a tackle. After that they yanked my scholarship but I still wanted to stay in school so I could graduate and get on with the rest of my life. At first I took a job as a bouncer and the pay was ok, but fighting with drunk guys every night isn’t how I saw myself making a living and staying alive.

That’s when a buddy of mine from the club named Roddy told me there was a much easier way to make a few bucks if I had the courage to try something different. Roddy was always walking around with spare cash in his pocket, so I asked for more information and told him I was interested as long as it was all legal.

He tells me to drop by Cougars, an after-hours club on the North side around 11:45PM on Thursday and says he’ll meet me out by the side door down the alley. Then he smiles and tells me he ain’t gonna say any more than that because you gotta see it to believe it.

Thursday night comes and I show up. Roddy is waiting right where he said he would be. “I’m glad you ain’t late because they changed the line-up and they got me going on next” he says as he pushes open the thick metal door to the club and brings me inside.

That’s when I realized Cougars was a CFNM strip club, with a loud banging beat in the background and a runway stage surrounded by thirty of forty year old women. Roddy has on this warm-up suit and he is already dripping with sweat or body oil or something. “Watch this” he says with a grin as he steps out from behind the curtain and struts his way into the center of the room. Women were going wild for him. Screaming and I saw this one hot CFNM MILF throw something at him. Turns out it was a fucking thong!

At female strip-clubs a guy can’t even touch the dancers, but here at CFNM Cougars it was a private club and when Roddy stepped down off the stage these slutty housewives starting tearing off his clothes in a frenzy. Another guy I recognized was standing backstage getting ready to go out. “Hey Tim, you do this too?!” I shouted over the music. “Yeah man, free pussy and plenty of cash if you’re in good shape and don’t mind letting hot strangers suck your dick” he replied with a chuckle.

Roddy made his way backstage as Tim was stepping out on the runway. He was naked and huffing like he had just run a 40 yard dash. “That’s it my man. That’s all you got to do to make a couple hundred bucks in less than ten minutes. This is why you lift all them weights. You in?”

That was eight months ago. Now my tuition is paid in full and I’ve had my dick sucked by just about every woman over thirty five in this whole damn town. Turns out that knee injury may have been a blessing after all!

After the Show…


We were entertaining these girls and that’s when I spotted her – when I peeked into the room to get a glance at the crowd, to see how the other guys were doing.  These girls were going feral, and I felt like I had Adonis DNA in me, just ready to be the stud all these sexy Venuses desired.  This girl had these blowjob-ready lips that completed the whole “fuck-me” look, more sex appeal (at least for my taste) than any of the other harlots in the club.

The other guys were having a blast with it of course, these thong-toting sluts cheering and hollering, celebrating another event – a bachelorette about to get married, a MILF who just got divorced, a going away party for friends, I’ve lost track and focus for these kinds of details.  We do these parties constantly, video taping the best, and this was just another party to me – what mattered was that we kept these girls hot and horny so that after our performances they’d still be curious to try us back home.  Chuck was first in the fray, dancing with his own goal in sight (this big-tittied blond).  Each of the guys has his own target, his own area, because even though we want to entertain the whole crowd there’s simply some magic when you can make the ladies feel like everyone, everywhere is getting some cock.

My god her mouth was fantastic.  A little whip cream and she was tonguing my dick like a champion.  In the palm of my hand I hid a business card and dropped it into her lap while she sucked me off.

An hour later and off camera – the crowd has been satiated, but some of us are still looking for more, and I meet up with this girl in one of the hallways where I sneak her in and into one of the offices.  This place apparently is part of a larger building, that rents out this area as a conference or party spot on weekends and after-hours.  Now I get it.  And now she’s getting it, as I slip my fingers by her bottom, touching that warm, moist cunt while she tugs me along with a cfnm handjob, pulling my dick like a door handle so I go where she desires.

She uses a credit card to open the lock on one of the doors, and inside we go, and then she’s slurping on my sausage again, bringing my wood back to life as I caress her face and let her have her way.  She’s grabbing my cock like a tourniquet, sometimes stroking it while sucking on my balls, even slapping me a little if I try to disrobe her as she seems intent on having her fun without too much exposure herself.  She permits me to tug her bottom down a little at least and that’s my path, as she bends over the couch doggy-style and its some cfnm fucking, this girl still ready to pull up and run if she gets caught, but loving the fact that I’m free and exposed and I can tell she’s admiring my body.  We fuck and screw in a variety of other positions, I simply can’t cum early because I already did so for the show, but that’s all the better because I’m scoring some prime pussy right now.  Hell yeah!

Dick, Dick, Goose

The boys over at dancing bear rounded up another bunch of cock hungry whores for a game of dick, dick, goose. As usual, these women are ready to give some serious cfnm blowjobs. This cfnm video is 1hr and 37 minutes of nonstop cfnm fuckery, filled with male strippers, hot chicks and enough dick sucking lips to please an army. What I love about it most is there are so many different types of women that everyone should be pleased!

Cfnm Group Pleasure

Cfnm Blowjob

Double Cfnm Blowjob

CFNM Going Away Party

Some corporate girls decided to throw their friend a going away party. She was leaving the company, so they decided to send her off in style. With all the male employees uninvited, the girls decided to throw a dancing bear party! The girls were looking hot, in their business attire…pencil skirts, blouses, etc. None of that mattered once the strippers came out. The girls were horny as all hell. The party got crazy and their was cfnm everywhere!

Dancing Bear Cfnm

Cfnm Blowjob

Cfnm Handjob

Blowing and Banging Cfnm Style

Another cfnm blowjob fest is live today on Dancing Bear. This weeks episode is awesome as always. There are tons of women….sexy, slutty, skinny, thick, young, old, hot and not so hot. This episode will definitely feature a blowjob from someone that suits your taste. I will tell you that the chick that gets fucked is smoking!!!!!!!!! She doesn’t even look like a slut which makes it that much better. It’s over an hour long, so it will provide you with enough cfnm pleasure for a while.

Cfnm Party

Wild Cfnm girls

Serious Cfnm Blowjob

Hardcore Cfnm Fuck

Cfnm BJ Bonanza

Women are crazy. I’m not really sure what else to say. But after watching this video I’m convinced. When you get a huge ratio of horny women in a room vs naked male strippers, THE SHIT GOES DOWN! It’s like these women turn on their survival instinct but instead of needing to eat food they have to suck dick! As usual it is over an hour of cfnm fuckery. I think when the girls see another with cum on their face they get a bit jealous.. Seriously, check it out.

Cfnm Blowjob Bonanza

Group Cfnm

Cfnm Cumshot

Cfnm Party Girls

Dancing Bear CFNM Fuckery

A new Dancing Bear update came out yesterday. They’re back in a night club, packed with women and enough male strippers to please them all! There are enough cfnm blowjobs in this update to last a lifetime…..but of course that is what we are used to with The Dancing Bear. The real kicker for this cfnm video is that in my opinion they have the hottest girl they’ve ever had on any of their updates getting fucking railed. They’re masked stripper Ali fucks this smoking hot blonde. She has a killer body and no shame in being fucked in front of the entire crowd. Ali gives it to her good, first from the back, then the front before blowing his load all over her pretty face. Trust me, you’ll wanna watch this cfnm video!

Hot Blonde Showing Her Body

Hardcore Cfnm Fuck

Dancing Bear Cfnm Sex

Cfnm Facial

Creamy Facial

Cfnm Hotel Party

The boys at Dancing Bear switched it up this time around. This time they packed a ton of hot girls in to a ritzy hotel room. Once inside the cfnm party got started. Six male strippers got the party started as the horny babes looked on in amazement. It didn’t take long for their appetite for cock to take over. The cfnm started off with a bang…..cfnm blowjobs here, cfnm cumshots there. One hot lady even decided she wanted a little interracial cfnm and let Phoenix fuck the shit out of her as all the other girls looked on in amazement. This is a Dancing Bear Cfnm update that you certainly don’t want to miss!

Dancing Bear Cfnm Blowjob

Cfnm Sex

Serious Cfnm Blowjob

Cfnm Facial

Frosting Some Faces

New Dancing Bear Update Alert!!! Another great cfnm party in the books. As we’ve grown accustomed to, a huge hardcore party full of hot women and male strippers. If you love blowjobs, hot women, cfnm, wild parties and lots of dancing, you’ll be addicted to the Dancing Bear. Here are some pics from the latest cfnm blowjob frenzy:

Cfnm Blowjob

Cfnm Handjob

Cfnm Party

Cfnm Blowjob

Check out CFNM Weekly

If you are on this site and reading my posts, you obviously love cfnm. If you love cfnm like I do, then you are always looking for some free cfnm. There is a site I found called CFNM Weekly. I signed up and it’s legit. Every week they send me free cfnm content. I mean you aren’t getting full length Cfnm videos, but they do send some pretty awesome cfnm pictures and shorter clips from various cfnm sites on the web. Best of all, they aren’t spamming your inbox with bullshit.

So If you want free cfnm now, stop surfing the web…..check out Cfnm Weekly. You’ll get fresh cfnm without spending a dime. Chances are you’ll see the best girls before anyone else!

Cfnm Party