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Sun, Sand and Stealth

There’s a nude beach a few miles from my place but Kim would never agree to go there. No idea why she is so shy about her body, the girl is beautiful. Blonde curly hair, full lips, nice big tits and a belly tight enough to bounce a quarter on it. I used to go down there all the time and I never understood why people make such a big deal about being naked, but whatever… the idea wasn’t gonna fly with her.

Her sister comes into town and she’s a really good wakeboarder, so she keeps asking to go to the beach and other one for people who insist on wearing clothes is like forty minutes away because of all the traffic. At first I wasn’t really in the mood to drive down there, but then Kim tells me she’ll definitely make it worth my while and that changed everything.

Kim’s sister Candice loaded all her gear in my truck and we headed over to the beach in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, I figured that would at least make it a little less crowded. When we got there we had to walk a while just to find our own spot on the sand and it was still in view of other people but at least they were a ways away.

Candice hardly even said thanks before she grabbed her board and hit the surf. That left me on the beach in my board shorts drinking a cold one out of a paper bag and Kim in this bright pink and green bikini that was so tight it looked like her tits might pop out the top at any moment.

She tells me to lay down because she wants to put sun tanning oil on me. I got comfortable on the blanket and closed my eyes to keep the sun out, when all of a sudden I feel her yank my shorts all the way down around my ankles. Before I could even say anything she starts sucking my dick, and as I open my eyes I see she is kind of hiding her head behind our cooler so all anyone else can see is my laying down and her wearing a bathing suit as her hands rub oil all over my chest. They had no idea I was getting a CFNM blowjob!

“What the fuck Kim?” I said before I even thought enough to just shut the fuck up and enjoy myself. “I don’t like nude beaches she answered, because they’re too easy. You can’t get caught fucking on a nude beach because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. I like the thrill of Sun, Sand and Stealth having CFNM sex on the beach” she replied just before she throated my dick all the way down and started gagging on my cock.

“What about your sister, what if she comes back?” I asked, now wondering why I suddenly became Mister Good Samaritan all of a sudden. “I tell Candy everything, silly. Why do you think she got out of our way so quick. She’s got a whistle with her and if anyone is coming our way she’ll keep look out” she giggled.

That’s when Kim climbed on top of me and pulled the thong of her bikini bottoms over to one side so she could ride me like a CFNM Cowgirl. I gotta be honest, I lasted like two minutes and I popped a load inside her. You could see the CFNM creampie stain on her bikini coming through so she said she was heading into the water and asked if I wanted to join her. Best day at the beach I ever had. Turns out, nude beaches are for pussies!

The Back of His Bike

cfnm-ourdoor-sexIt’s a really sunny day so he wanted to take his Harley instead of the truck, and I like making him happy so I agreed to ride on the back. Still, it must have looked kinda strange to have me in my red evening gown on the back of his bike with a helmet and a leather jacket over it. Not at all a day where I expected to be having any kind of CFNM fun.

We pull onto the highway and my arms are wrapped tight around his waist. The bike is purring under me and pressing tight against my red lace panties. Mike feels so strong and powerful in my arms, leaning as we change lanes and gearing up with the gust of wind at our back as the bike revved up.

All of a sudden we hit a bump in the road and I scooted forward on the back of the seat. This puffy nub of the leather seat itself pressed right against my clit and I go so turned on. I moaned without even meaning to, but the wind and my helmet kept it all very private. That’s when I decided to have some fun.

I huddled up close to Mike and started rotating my hips, pressing my wet pussy down against the nub of the seat. My left hand slid up the back of his shirt and I started caressing his naked skin. So I guess that counts as Clothed Female Naked Male masturbation, right?

He must have figured out what was going on because the way he started working the gears, the bike kept revving and rising up to meet me. Within just a few moments I was shuttering and shivering against mike. My panties were soaked and the whole seat looked a little wet.

The bike starts slowing down and Mike pulls over on the shoulder of the road. He turns to face me, pulls off his helmet and lets his hair down. Leans forward to give me the warmest kiss on the mouth. Then he says ‘the next time you want to CFNM cum, you really should tell me before we leave the house. Not when we’re doing eighty on the open road.” I didn’t know what to say, so I just stared at him quietly as she slid his fingers inside me. A pool of my juices spilled out in his hand. Then without a word, he puts his helmet back on and away we go – what a wild ride that was!

Bikini Blowjob

Bikini Blowjob

It was a good day. I had this chick spend the weekend, I’ve been messing with her for a couple weeks inviting her to come to the beach with me and finally our schedules lined up. The night before we had both gotten drunk out of our minds and passed out into our swim gear – but this morning I awoke and could feel that morning wood up and ready to go. More than that though, she was awake and already sucking on my knob, cfnm style, in her bikini as if we were just continuing what we had started the night before.

Reaching over through her bottom, my fingers crawled along her warm snatch and squeezed her ass a little, but she’d have none of it – I guess this was a “thank you” for the trip, or maybe just her playing power-games – and she just fucked me with her face cfnm style, like she’s in control, she’s using me and I’m just a pet she’s playing with. Sometimes I feel that women are nothing more than expensive sex toys when it comes to dating, but seeing as I was enjoying the beach too, this was cost effective! Her lips kept massaging my cock, even letting a little drool slide out so she can jerk me off with it, until I got up and busted a huge nut in her mouth. What a pretty little face.

After the cfnm blowjob, we showered together, got ready to head out and hit the beach. Normally I’m bored most weekends but this girl has an amazing sexual appetite and I like it! My goal is to see if I can get some cfnm fucking on the beach next, its so easy to find a hideaway here…

Outdoor Cfnm

Brooke Gives a Cfnm Blowjob

I got a second round with Brooke. I told you guys about her last week. After I gave her a trial run, my boys decided to use her for some Bang Bros shoots. Since she was filming, she was in town longer than expected. She sent me a text message yesterday afternoon saying she wanted to fuck me again. I had nothing better to do, so I was down. Figured a little afternoon cfnm wouldn’t hurt.

I met her at the studio. I didn’t wanna drive all the way back to the beach, so we drove down the block and parked behind all the factories. I knew no one would be behind the buildings, and if they were, they wouldn’t give a fuck that I was getting a cfnm blowjob.

We walked back next to the creek….my dick was hard as hell. I wanted to fuck her mouth sooo bad. Finally, I stopped in my tracks….i’d walked far enough. I pulled my shirt off, dropped my pants to the ground and looked at Brooke. She giggled and reached for my cock. “It’s so hard,” she said. “Damn right,” I responded. She looked around, saw that no one was around and got down on her knees. She put her tight little mouth on my dick and started to give me a cfnm blowjob.

It seemed as though she’d learned how to suck dick a little better over the last week. After all, she’d just been shooting porn movies all week. I wanted to fuck her, but her mouth was feeling so good I couldn’t stop. It took about 7 minutes before I was ready to blow. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and shot out a monster cumshot, deep down her throat. She swallowed like a porn pro.

I’ll get some of that pussy this weekend for sure. She’s good for some cfnm.

Double CFNM Blow Job


Anything that happens after 3AM is always bad news; and by bad i mean nasty, naughty, AMAZING news.  So I went out clubbing last night on Miami Beach and got pretty wasted.  I grinded on a bunch of chicks at the club, but I didn’t end up leaving with anyone so I was pretty disappointed about going home alone.  On the walk back to my hotel, I was walking down Lincoln road and noticed these two sluts walking down the road too.  These girls were hot and both had some seriously big nice asses.  One girl was in a red jumpsuit and her shorts were totally riding up her ass, letting me see the sweet bottoms of her cheeks.  The other girl was wearing a tiny pink dress that showed her amazing cleavage, she must have had double-D’s, and cooped right uner her ass.  With every step she took I was waiting for her pussy to pop out from underneath.

Since I was drunk, horny, and walking alone, I decided to cross the street and meet up with the two sexy chicks.  They were both brunettes and had sexy smiles and seductive bedroom eyes.  A few minutes into talking to them I already had them pegged.  These girls were also drunk, horny, kinky, and definitely not ready to call it a night yet.  At first, I just playfully squeezed their asses while we were walking down the sidewalk.  Then I asked them to flash me their titties and to my surprise both of them did.  It was like a roller coaster ride from there.  One chick started grabbing my dick through my jeans with her breasts hanging out while the other walked in front of me with her skirt pulled up.

These girls were teasing the hell out of me and I was ready to fuck.  I grabbed each of their hands and took them down around a corner where I knew no one would be walking.  These girls weren’t even pulling away, instead they were dragging me faster to a secluded spot so they could get down to business.  When we got to a spot, these two club sluts both dropped down to their knees simultaneously and started stripping me down to my boxers, exposing my already rock hard cock dripping with pre-cum to the night air.  One started sucking my balls while the other started suckin’ on the head of my dick, slowly working her way down my shaft.  Their sexy tongues and hot breath felt amazing gliding all over my penis together, making it harder with ever lick and every kiss.

These girls were really working my dick.  They must have wanted to taste my cum really bad – the way they were both jerking my dick really hard while licking up and down the shaft, one tongue on each side.  I felt myself cumming  and I told both girls to open wide.  I busted a load all over their faces, filling each of their mouths with white cum.  They gargled the cum and started making out, swapping the sticky cum between their mouths.  They finished by swallowing my whole load, and wiping up the spilled cum off their faces by licking it off their fingers.  Not leaving the club already with a girl to bang was the best idea I had all night.  I ended up with two!  A double CFNM BJ is the perfect ending to any night.

CraigsList Makes Dreams Come True


I put up an advertisement on Craigslist this past weekend.  You know, in that personals section where people post pictures of their dicks and pussies and post free ads requesting for people to join them in fufilling their sexual fantasies?  It’s an amazing thing.  So anyway, I put up an ad on Friday night searching for a few horny chicks to help me fufill my latest CFNM fantasy, saying that I was looking for 4 young ladies to come over my house and jerk me off one at a time and let me cum on their chests while they are dressed up in protective rain gear, just like my cum is a rain shower all over them.  I ended up getting way more than four girls sending me pictures who were also into CFNM so I got to pick the hottest of the bunch.  I chose 2 brunettes, one blonde, and one redhead; all petite girls with natural perky breasts and pretty smooth skin.

I sent my address over to the girls I chose and told them to meet me over my house today to start the nasty CFNM handjob party.  I had raincoats ready for them to put on and I couldn’t wait to get started.  I woke up so hard and horny this morning thinking about the CFNM orgy I was going to engage in that afternoon I could barely wait for the girls to get there.  As each of the chicks walked in I noticed their different cute attire they chose to wear.  The redhead was in all purple.  I could even see her purple thong sticking out of her shorts.  One of the blondes was also in shorts.  They were super tight and made her bubble butt look amazing.  The other two were wearing skin tight pants.  God damn, they looked sexy.  All four girls were braless and I could see their nipples sticking through. The foursome stripped off their shirts before we all went out into the backyard and put on the see through rain coats I bought for them.

These girls were really horny and kinky two.  After agressively stripping me of my clothes, they were practically fighting over who got to jerk me off first.  The red head started me off and had the softest, tiniest hands I had ever seen or felt, but man did she have a grip on my hard cock and jerked that dick so good that I actually came a little bit all over the first girls chest.  But right after I was ready to go for a longer, better round 2.  The two blondes got up as the other two cfnm sluts lay in front of me and started giving me a handjob together.  The constant friction on the hard shaft of my penis was so amazing.  Four hands is DEFINITLEY better than two.

I wanted the brunette to finish me off and make me explode.  I was most attracted to her and wanted to save the best for last.  She got up and tugged on my cock like I had never had done before.  It was amazing.  I busted a huge load streaming over all three girls chests and rain jackets.  It was truley a fantasy come true.  I think I’m going to send out another craigslist party invitation tonight.  I hope my next CFNM party at y house is just as kinky as my first.

Outdoor CFNM Footjob


I met this girl at the dog park a few days ago.  Having a dog is the perfect chick magnet and I usually leave the park with about two or three numbers every time.  Yesterday I met one of the sexiest girls there.  She was laying out in the sun while her puppy ran around and played.  She was wearing a slutty pair of short shorts and a red bikini top.  She had small perky breasts, a nice toned and tan body, and a beautiful pair of ice blue eyes that drew me right to her.  I also noticed that she had the  sexiest little toes. They were small and looked soft, and of course were perfectly cleaned and painted.  If there is one thing I have a fetish for its a pretty pair of feet.  There’s something so kinky about getting a footjob that makes my cock get hard just thinking about it.

Anyways, I called her up today to see what she was doing and try and meet up with her.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her tiny little toes painted a sexy, alluring red.  Just listening to her sexy raspy voice on the phone was enough to get my blood boiling and get my dick rockhard.  I invited her over for a chill BBQ in my backyard, just us hanging out by the pool and she said she’d be over soon.

She showed up and was looking fine as fuck.  She had on a mini skirt, a thin white shirt with graffiti all over it, and cute pair of red sandals.  We sat by the pool while the food cooked and stuck our feet in the water.  The streams of water were splashing all over her feet, making them shiny and sexy.  It was making me think of my cum dripping all over her feet and was getting my dick hard.  I reached over for a foot and started massaging it gently.  She moaned instantly and my eyes widened and my dick started to drip with pre-cum.  “My feet are really sensitive,” she said.  “I like nothing more than to have them touched.”  I knew right away that this slut must have a foot fetish too and started really getting into that foot massage, hoping that she would give me a little massage of her own…but using her feet to rub on my dick.

She continued to moan and breath harder and harder the more I massaged her foot until all of a sudden I felt her other foot find its way to the crotch of my pants.  She began stoking my hard dick with her feet through my swim trunks, alternating between fast and slow strokes.  I only waited a few seconds until I ripped off my shorts and threw them to the side of the pool.  I was ready for some skin on skin action.  She took both of her soft delicate feet and wrapped the soles around my penis.  She grabbed her ankles and moved her feet up and down my shaft, stimulating my entire cock.  This girl was AMAZING with her feet.  Just a few minutes in and I felt myself almost ready to cum.

She took off her panties and hung them from the base of my shaft and then continue to jerk my dick with her feet while she rubbed her pussy in front of me.  The site of her playing with her pretty tight wet pussy sent me over the edge and I felt the cum exploding out of the tip of my dick.  I shot it all over her pretty toes, soles, and ankles; decorating her already pretty feet to look even more sexy.  This chick was such a whore she even sucked the white hot cum right off of her own toes and licked her lips with a smile on her face.  What a kinky bitch :)



I always take care of my nephew a few times a month and I always take him to the same park to play on the playground on Saturdays right before his mom picked him up.  I like to tell my sister it’s so he can get some fresh air, but honestly it’s so I can check out the amazing view there, and no, I don’t mean the trees and scenery.  Every week I go there is always the same amazingly sexy M.I.L.F. who also brings her son to the park too.  She always is dressed so hot it makes me horny just looking at her.  Today she was wearing a sexy pair of blue high heels with skin tight blue jeans and a lacy cut up shirt that let me see her big boobs and cleavage.  Every time she bent over to push the swing her lacy shear black and blue thong would peak out from her phat ass.  I could feel my dick twitch whenever I saw her g-string peak out, imagining it squeezed between her ass checks like a piece of floss.

The MILF had been eyeing me for weeks too so when my sister picked up my nephew I took the opportunity to go over and talk with the horny MILF.  She told me her ex was going to pick up their son in just a few minutes and that she would love to get to know me better.  Her long fingernails grazed my arm seductively when she said it and I knew instantly that she wanted to do more than talk.

As soon as her ex came and scooped up her kid I took her hand and led her to a gazebo on the opposite side of the park.  The spot was fairly concealed from any sidewalks or buildings so I knew I could get her to do almost anything back there.  But to my surprise she didn’t need much prompting; this MILF knew exactly what she wanted and that was some hard cock in her mouth.  She ordered me to take my shirt off as she unbuckled my jeans and pulled them to my ankles.  My cock was already half cocked as she licked her lips and began sucking on the head of my dick as she stroked it with both hands.  Her eyes were sexy as she looked up at me in her slutty outfit as she sucked my dick in the sunlight.  There’s nothing better than outdoor CFNM.

This MILF had clearly sucked a lot of dick before by the way she handled my hard cock.  She sucked on my balls, popping them in and out of her mouth, as she stroked my entire cock with her soft hands.  I felt myself cumming and she opened her mouth wide for a big mouthful of cum as I exploded.  I filled her entire mouth with sticky cum and she swallowed it all with a smile on her face.  There was a few drops dripping from her lips that shone in the sunlight.  She looked so amazingly sexy.  I got her number and told her to get ready for another playdate next week at the park.  This milf was a CFNM slut and I was about to take full advantage! :)

A Fuck For A Car Payment


My friend’s car was in the shop so I told him I’d drop him off at work, no problem.  When I was backing out of my parking space I heard a crash and a crunch.  I knew immediately that someone hit my car and I was pissed.  But when I got out and looked at the driver standing over my cracked back light, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier to get into a fender bender.  She was lean and sexy.  She had on tight white shorts and high strappy sandals.  Her shorts were extremely short and see through.  I could see her lacy thong through the fabric.  She was also wearing a thin white shirt with no bra.  I squinted my eyes, attempting to see her nipples peaking through in the bright sunlight.

I could tell that she was totally panicked about messing up my car.  My bumper was seriously fucked up and my back taillight was totally shattered.  “Omg!” she said, “I don’t have insurance.  I don’t even have a license!!!!!!  Please I’ll do ANYTHING to get out of this.  I’ll do ANYTHING to pay you back.”  I felt a grin spreading over my face.  Dirty thoughts and images were racing through my mind of me and her.  “Well,” I started, “You REALLY messed up my car.  You owe me big time.  What do you got for me?” I asked, hoping she would offer something wet and naked in return.  “I don’t have any money,” she responded, “But I do have ASS.”  She bit her lip and smacked her tight booty as she said it and I felt my dick beginning to get hard.  “Follow me,” she said and hopped into her car and started driving to the back end of the parking lot.

I quickly followed knowing what was about to go down.  She finally parked in a sunny alleyway behind the shopping center parking lot and hopped out of her car.  Her pants were already unzipped as she hopped up on the hood of her car; legs spread wide, rubbing her pussy through her shorts.  I didn’t waste a second and popped my dick out of my pants as I walked up to her.  I flipped her over, pulled her shorts aside, and started rubbing the head of my dick against her wet pussy to get it hard.  Her pussy was so nice it didn’t take long, and I shoved my hard dick right inside of her.  I heard her gasp from its size as she turned her head to look back at me sexily while I fucked her.  I grabbed her ass and started fucking her hard up against the grill of her car.  She was loving every minute of the unexpected parking lot fuck as I was, which made it even better.  Her pussy was so wet it felt amazing to fuck her.  I was getting ready to bust a nut inside this slut when I heard her say to me, “I want to taste your cum.”  I took my dick out of her tight pussy and grabbed her head to hold it close to my cock.  I felt myself busting a huge nut inside her mouth.  She swirled the cum around inside her mouth before swallowing it and showing me her empty mouth.

She smiled, kissed my cheek and said, “We even?”  I grabbed her ass and said, “O, we’re fucking even,” and with that we both went our separate ways.  Now I thoughyt, what the fuck am I going to do about my fucking car….Damn sexy ass women drivers ;)

Fishing & Fucking


I went fishing this morning by this canal over near my house.  I went to post up in my favorite spot where all the fish are under the deck but found the spot already occupied.  There was a smoking hot girl laying out in the sun in her skimpiest summer outfit right by the water.  She was tan and exotically sexy looking.  She was wearing a bright purple bra and rainbow animal print shirt exposing her perfectly tanned and flat stomach.  She had on a matching pair of purple panties that were exposed from underneath her short blue skirt that was pulled so high up, i could easily see her pussy from underneath.

I walked up next to her, fishing pole in hand, looking down at her big breasts and sexy body and said, “Mind if I take a seat?”  She opened her eyes surprised but then smiled and moved over to make room on her blanket.  I wiped out my fishing pole and tossed it in the water.  I couldn’t stop staring at this girls body shining in the sun.  I wanted to fuck her, or touch her, or something!

I must have been staring for a while because finally she opens her eyes and turns to me and says, “Do you see something you like?”  I wasn’t sure what to say until she followed up by saying “It feels better than it looks,” and with that she swung her legs over mine and sat right on top of me.

I could feel my dick beginning to get hard, pre cum dripping from the head, as soon as I felt her pussy grind on me for the first time.  This girl was a real freak!  What luck!  And I was totally going to take advantage of it.  I felt her hands grab my dick and start to rub it, making my cock grow.  I took off my clothes to get more compfortable and reached under her short skirt, and pulled aside her panties to rub her pussy.  Damn, she was wet!  When I was fully hard and horny I took out my dick and started rubbing the head on her clit.  “You wanna fuck?” I asked and she excitedly nodded her head yes.

I stuck my hard cock into her wet pussy and let her start riding me.  Her tits were bouncing like crazy all wrapped up in her sexy belly shirt and I was loving the outdoor CFNM action I was getting…definitly hot and unexpected!  I flipped her over and started fucking her from the back, making her moan in pleasure.  She was definitely a screamer alright.  When I was ready to cum she turned around and opened her mouth, ready to take my load.  I came inside her mouth and watched as it filled up with my cum.  She swallowed it happily.

Now that’s what I call a great day of fishing.