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CFNM Role Reversal


Role Reversal is a major component of erotic CFNM play.  In CFNM, role reversal is a sexual act where the woman exchanges the historically normal roles of a man for hers and takes on the dominant position in the relationship and CFNM scenario.  Role reversal allows one to experience new sensations and “walk in someone elses shoes.”  This creates many elements of excitement and discovery, which is all apart of the appeal of CFNM.

CFNM, clothed female nude male, not only describes the appearance of the sexual acts but also the distribution of power between the males and females involved.  Commonly throughout history, men have overpowered women in rank in society, physical strength, and a perceived mental ability.  “But in CFNM, the roles are reversed and it the women who are in the dominant role.

In CFNM, men are subservient to women.  The clothed ladies perform many dominating acts on the completly nude males such as penis humiliation, male submission, sexual objectification, and punishment.  Women can use physicality and bondage items or simply their laughs and taunting words to overpower their male subjects in CFNM action.

Exhibitionism and Entertainment in CFNM

Exhibitionism and Entertainment are two sexual themes, usually directly related, that are commonly found in erotic CFNM action.  Exhibitionism is the need to or act of exposing parts of or ones entire naked self to one or more persons within view.  In CFNM, the focus of this nudity and baring is usually on a man’s “private parts;” more specifically, the male genitalia – the penis or the buttocks.

The act of becoming nude is a large part of the appeal of exposure in CFNM.  The process of stripping down is usually an extravagant show, featuring a lot of exaggerated sexual movement, gyrations, and various other flaunting and taunting behavior.  The act of exposing ones self in such a flashy and showy way is all apart of the exhibitory act and is a main form of entertainment in the entire CFNM sexual encounter or activity.  The rowdy actions of those men stripping down, as well as the response and rise of the women watching the show, are meant to draw attention to the man’s sexual parts and provide entertainment and enjoyment for the whole CFNM party.

Many different specific types of exposure exist in the CFNM world.  Flashing is the act of baring or stroking bare female breasts or male genitalia and is very common in CFNM action.  Similarly, mooning, the act of pulling down one’s trousers and displaying your bare buttocks, also occurs quite frequently during the erotic events.  Anasyrma is another type of exposure and is the technical term for raising one’s skirt to expose bare skin and a lacking of underwear being worn by the person.  Martymachlia, meaning the sexual attraction to wanting others to watch you engage in sexual activities,  is a fourth type of exposure and applies to male and female parties alike that enjoy CFNM.

Medical CFNM

Medical CFNM is a specific sub-niche of CFNM for those interested in a fantasy of females dressing and acting the part of medical personnel.  This sub-niche is based on the enjoyment of some or all of such concepts as CFNM, female domination, BDSM, role play, and the emphasis on classic roles in society such as caregiver and care-receiver.

Common CFNM dress in Medical CFNM includes women dressed up in sexy nurses or doctor costumes.  Some examples of common attire are red high boots or platform stripper shoes, red stockings or fishnets, short white hospital attire, and clothing accessories covered in the international sign for medicine, the red cross.  Common materials used in the making of these costumes are latex, leather, and spandex, which are all commonly associated with BDSM sexual behavior.

Clothing is not the only part of the fetish that lends to the medical fantasy.  Other accessories can be used in Medical CFNM role play and sex too.  These can include spectrums, restraints, and various other clinic supplies that can commonly be found in a doctor’s office to help set the scene.  Other tools that are handy are DVDs, pictures, or internet videos featuring the fetish.

In Medical CFNM, the woman dressed in medical costume may use these accessories to engross their partner in the medical fantasy by performing faux medical procedures on their pretend male patients.

Stripper Party CFNM


Stripper Party CFNM, which stands for ‘Clothed Female Nude Male,’ is a sub-niche of the broader CFNM niche.  In Stripper Party CFNM clothed women enjoy experiencing nude men in various sexually explicit situations in an environment such as male strip club, hens night, Bachelorette party, or a ladies night out.  The basic concept of this sub-niche is based around the overall enjoyment of women caused by the sexual objectification of the men, often amateur or professional male strippers, who put on strip show.  This scenario of male exhibitionism is the preferred form of entertainment in the sub-niche of Stripper Party CFNM.

During CFNM parties or porno videos, several sexual activities are commonly incorporated into the male stripper’s show with the help and assistance of the female observants.  During the male strip show the audience commonly becomes very excited, rowdy, and aroused.  During the strip show, girls watching are asked and encouraged to give the male stripper a blow job, hand job, and touch him in any sexual fashion  they want while the rest of the women in the room watch and cheer her on.  Stripper Party CFNM  is a different concept than what is considered to be the sexual norm and results in a role reversal between men and women, putting the women in charge.

Many people, both participants and observers, enjoy the Stripper Party CFNM sub-niche for a wide variety of reasons.  The performing male strippers enjoy the attention they get from stripping in front of the straight women, while the women watching and giving the sexual favors to the male strippers enjoy the erotic show provided by the nude male and the freedom to be uninhibited sexually with him in front of a large group of people.

CFNM Blowjobs and Handjobs

Blowjobs and handjobs are common in CFNM. As with all CFNM, the women remain clothed while the men are naked. A CFNM blowjob or handjob does not always lead to sex. It is common for no penetration to take place in CFNM videos. The blowjob and handjob niche in CFNM, cater to those with that type of fetish.

Blowjobs, also known as fellatio, cock sucking, giving head, brain, going down, among other names, are when the female performs oral sex on a male penis. Blowjobs are usually given to induce arousal and lead to an orgasm. They may be used as part of foreplay or are sometimes used as an alternative to vaginal or anal penetration. It is common to see a blowjob lead to a facial or a woman swallowing semen, if she sucks to climax.

Handjobs, also known as tugjobs, masturbation, beating your meat, jacking off, among other names is when a female uses her hand or hands for manual stimulation of the penis. This usually requires very little physical effort and when done correctly may be just as good as sex for some. Also, with handjobs there is a reduced risk of STD transmission. Handjobs may or may not be a part of foreplay and don’t necessarily lead to sex.

In CFNM, it is common to see blowjobs and handjobs in the party scenes, or during a stripper routine. When the guy is dancing around, usually the women get to groping on the penis, etc. which almost always leads to either a handjob, a blowjob or both. These scenes usually depict cheating women, party women, drunk women, bachelorettes or just plain naughty girls.

CFNM Humiliation

Humiliation is another sub-niche of CFNM. Although CFNM humiliation may be identified as a form of femdom, female domination doesn’t necessarily have to cause humiliation and humiliated doesn’t necessarily mean the subject is being dominated. Humiliation is basically the deprivation of ones self esteem. To humiliate someone is to kill their pride. In CFNM humiliation, the woman would degrade and reduce the man to a low mental state or submission.

The goal of CFNM humiliation is to cause sexual arousal for those involved in or watching the event take place at the same time as humiliating the male subject participating in the act. It is a sexual fantasy carried out in various ways. Humiliation may be brought on through embarrassment, mistreatment, trickery, intimidation or bullying. It may also be physical or verbal.

There are varying themes seen in CFNM humiliation. A common theme is that of small penis humiliation. In this type of genre, you may see penis contests, where women compare the size of male penises, humiliating the guy with the smallest penis. Also, there is testicle torture. The genitals are widely seen as the very manhood of a male, so for a woman to torture, distort or degrade a mans penis and/or genitals is a form of humiliation and degrading to men.

Additional types of humiliation may be face slapping, hair pulling, name calling, dripping hot wax, or spitting, among other things. It is common to see tie and tease or tease and denial, which may be similar to bondage. Either way, the woman is the dominating figure and has her way with the man. She degrades his manhood and in turn causes the humiliation.

CFNM Humiliation


Femdom stands for female dominance. Femdom is associated with sexual or erotic activities where the dominant partner is a woman and the submissive partner can be of either sex. Femdom is a sub niche of CFNM. So obviously in this sense, the submissive partner is a naked male. It is not hard to see why many people associate CFNM with femdom. Femdom can also be associated with CFNM humiliation, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Usually in adult material, it is the female that is the subject of attraction. In CFNM, the naked male is supposed to be the focus, but for some, it is the visual affect of seeing a woman in power that drives the sexual fantasy. It seems as though in CFNM, the men are willing to relinquish the power of being the dominant figure in order to fulfill a sexual fantasy, and that may be by being dominated by a woman or many women. In CFNM, the actual physical attraction of the male to the female is downplayed. In this sense, it may be the exchange of power that is more exciting to the man, which leads to a more mental stimulation that in turn makes the sexual stimulation all that more powerful.

In Femdom CFNM, you may see the woman in latex, leather or any other type of outfit. When thinking of femdom, someone may automatically think of leather and whips, but it doesn’t have to be this. The woman may be dominant in her sexy lingerie or jeans and a tank top. Either way, she is having her way with the man and has the power to get him to do just about anything.

Many activities commonly associated with femdom may be face sitting or smothering, where the dominant woman sits on the face of the male victim. She may be doing this to get her ass or pussy licked, or just because she is flexing her power over the man. Lots of times, face sitting is associated with women who have large asses. In a more extreme example of femdom, the female may have strap-on sex with the male. Penetrating his ass with a strap-on is a classic example of gender role reversal.

Femdom CFNM