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Hot European Giving Cfnm Blowjob

I’ve been courting Misa for a while. She works at a local restaurant that employs alot of European girls. She’s been reluctant to hang out after work, until last night. I went there for a bite to eat, and was finally able to convince her to stop by after her shift. I knew she’d be good for some cfnm once I loosened her up.

She got to my place around 10:30. We hung out a while. I wanted her to get comfortable, so we kinda just watched some TV, drank some wine and joked around. Of course I had to pretend to be seriously interested, because this one wasn’t easy.

It must have been about 11:45 when I finally found an opening, and I leaned in and kissed her. Holy Shit! It was like there was an on and off switch. As soon as I kissed her, the freak came out in her and the cfnm began. She started to get loose, kissing me, sucking on my neck. She put my hands up her shirt and let me caress her breasts. Finally, I was creeping down in to her pants and playing with her wet pussy.

As we were sitting on the sofa, she unbuckled my pants, reached in and pulled out my dick. She started to suck it intensely. It felt fucking great. After a couple minutes, I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. Thats when she got in the doggie position and gave me a major cfnm blowjob. Unlike the other night, I was definitely fucking this girl.

After she sucked my dick for a long while, I got up behind her and fucked the shit outta her. At no time did I bother to take off her shirt. I just wanted to stick my dick in her pussy, I pulled down her shorts, pulled her thong to the side and fucked her as hard as I could. The sound of her moan drove me wild. It sounded so fucking good. After a good, long fuck, I was ready to blow. I just pulled out and came all over her ass. Oh man was it good.

She spent the night. Left this morning when I got up for work. Man that pussy is amazing.

Cfnm Blowjob Time

20 yr old Cfnm Blowjob

Look at that cute face. How could I turn down a cfnm blowjob? This is Colby. She’s a 20 year old intern at one of the other offices in the building. She’s been in the building for a couple of months now and started flirting with me about a week in. I’ve been reluctant to fuck with her, just because I know alot of the people in her office. But that all changed last night.

Everyone had left the office…I was walking to my car, when I realized I forgot something upstairs. So I go back in to the building and as i’m waiting for the elevator, she gets off. But when she sees me, she kinda brushes up on me and gets back on as I step on. Now I know she’s up to something. Most of the building has cleared out. She keeps rather tame on the elevator since she knows security is probably watching. My dick gets rock fucking solid as i’m standing there with all these thoughts running through my mind of what i’m going to do to this 20 yr old pussy once I step in to my office.

Bing!!!! The elevator lands on my floor, she steps off with me. Its funny because we didn’t really say much to each other on the elevator. She follows me to my office, I open the door, she steps in first. She grabs me by the dick and says, “I’m going to suck your cock.” Obviously, I’m thinking cfnm blowjob of course. She loosens my tie, unbuttons my shirt, my belt, my pants, before I know it, i’m completely naked and she’s kneeling in front of me. I’m looking down at her innocent, young face and I just wanted to grab her and fuck the shit outta her. But I let her keep control.

While she’s sucking my dick, its all that I had expected it to be. Its like fucking a virgin mouth. Her mouth is nice and small. She’s sucking it like a vacuum. She’s got alot of slobber, so its good and wet, then she starts to use her hand and jack me off in to her mouth.

“Can i get that pussy” I ask her as she’s still sucking my dick. She looks up at me, while she’s still got both hands on my dick and says, “Nope, one thing at a time, so enjoy it.” LOL. When she says this, it makes me even hornier. She is giving me a great Cfnm blowjob, so I just say fuck it and let her do her thing. Finally, I’m about to cum. I know she wants it in her mouth, so I grab her head and blast it down her throat. She kinda coughs cause she didn’t expect so much, but she likes it.

She waits for me as i get dressed. As we’re walking out of my office, she’s walking in front of me and I can tell she’s teasing me. Oh man, I can’t wait to get that sweat pussy. I know its gonna be good. When I saw her this morning on the elevator, she just smirked at me.

Cfnm with a hooker

Cfnm with a Hooker

I fucked a hooker this weekend. What can I say???? I was horny. I was driving around the part of town known for hookers and I saw this Spanish chica that was smoking. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled over….talked to her and she hopped in the car. She was walking the streets in this see through nurse type of outfit. It was just the type of thing that makes me love cfnm so much. We go to a cheap hotel and right away she gets on her knees and does for me exactly what I want her to….cfnm blowjob.

Obviously this is her profession, so she’s good. I know I fuck escorts and shit, but a rarely ever pick up whores off the street. But this one was BAD. I hadn’t fucked all weekend so I was itching for some pussy. She could deep throat my dick with the best of them. I let her suck my dick for a good ten minutes before i told her to get her ass on the bed.

I pulled up her see through shirt to expose her big, fake tits. I pulled off her thong and lifted up her skirt too. I sucked on her tits a bit and fingered her pussy for a few minutes before fucking her. First she laid on her back as I grabbed her by the throat and drove my dick in deep and hard. She moaned just like i’d expect a hooker to do. Next, I told her to get on top of me. I wanted her to ride me hard so I could watch her big ass tits bounce.

In order to finish, I wanted to fuck her from the back. She got in the doggie position and it was great. She had a nice juicy ass and this position is just the way i wanted the cfnm sex to be. I fucked her as hard as i could. I wanted to make sure she remembered it when she was fucking the next guy. I smacked her ass, pulled her hair, stuck my finger in her ass. I did everything I could to get my $100 worth. Was it worth it? I think so….I made her swallow my cum and the nasty hooker did everything I asked.

Can He Score?

Gianna Michaels in Can He Score

Ok, so I know its not exactly cfnm, but I just have to ask, am I the only one jealous of these lucky ass guys on Can He Score? Do you guys even know what this site is? For those of you that don’t, basically it is part of the Bang Bros network, but this site is unique. In every video, they film some lucky ass nobody going on a date with a porn star. Basically the goal is for these guys to fuck the porn stars, but most of them talk a bunch of shit and can’t measure up when its time to fuck the girls. Most of the videos are hilarious. The editors add in comments and stuff like that. Its hilarious. Especially when the schmuck’s dick goes soft or when he doesn’t fuck right.

I actually enjoy the conversation part of it more than I do the fucking part. At the end, they ask the porn star as well as the cock how they think it went. Its always interesting to hear what the porn star has to say. Some of the guys on this site have absolutely no business being filmed, but it provides for tons of entertainment.

This site is yet another reason that I love Friday’s. Every other Friday the guys at Bang Bros release another episode. Today’s actually features Gianna Michaels, who isn’t my favorite star, but definitely knows how to fuck. Other recent updates feature super hotties like Jenaveve Jolie, Jenny Hendrix, Phoenix Marie and Penny Flame.

Anyway, I enjoy watching these vids, but i’m definitely jealous of the lucky Schmuck’s that get to star in the videos, especially since most of them can’t measure up. They fuck the porn stars like they’re fucking a virgin. Fuck that, she’s a porn star, hit that shit! Get rough with it. I’ve gotta teach these boys something!

Phoenix Marie in Can He Score

Never knew feet felt so good

Hot Russian Giving a Cfnm Footjob

Remember I told you guys a buddy of mine runs a escort service… Well i had him send me a Russian yesterday. She was pretty hot. Had a nice, tight body. Her name was Chrystal. Anyway, we hung out for a while, just getting comfortable and all. These girls know what they’re doing. They try to waste time so that they make more money, but my buddy runs them so I’m not worried. I get a major discount.

So after she’s done bullshitting, we start to get down to action. I take off her dress and see that she’s got on some really sexy black undies with stockings and some lace gloves. I get to sucking on her neck as she undresses me. I think she looks sexy as fuck in all this black lace, so I decide i’m gonna fuck her cfnm style….but before I do, she says to me she can do amazing things with her feet. I’ve never been a feet person, but I decided to let her do her thing.

She gets on all fours in front of me and uses her feet to give me a cfnm footjob. She massages the shaft of my cock, up and down. I’ve never met someone that could make me feel so fucking good with their feet. While she’s doing that, i’m squeezing her ass, fingering her pussy and her ass. She loved that shit. My dick was so fucking hard while she’s giving me this cfnm footjob….it felt so good and at the same time I wanted to fuck her tight ass.

I couldn’t believe how quick she almost made me climax by using her feet, I had to stop her because I wanted to fuck her doggy style. She tells me she wants it in her ass, so I lube it up and stick it in. She asks me to fuck her hard so I do. Meanwhile i’m pulling her hair, putting my hands around her neck and smacking her ass.

Finally, I’m about to cum, but I don’t want to do it in her ass. I don’t know why but i wanted to cum all over her feet. Right before I bust, i pull out and she puts her feet in shooting range and I blast my cum all over them. She loves it…. she tells me she loves the feeling of warm cum all over her feet.

Trust me, she got a huge tip and I have a new fetish!

College Girls Go Crazy For Cfnm

I should have shared this video with you guys a long time ago. This is an awesome cfnm party that the boys from Dancing Bear shot at Florida I believe. I think its only 2 months old though, so still pretty fresh. The clip is only 3 minutes, so if you wanna see the whole thing you’ll have to check out the site, but you guys get the point from this short clip. These college girls are straight hoes! There is no cfnm sex, but there certainly is alot of blowjobs in this video.

Thank goodness I don’t have any daughters. This is 2010 and look how the girls are acting….can’t imagine what it will be like in 20 more years. Fuck, all the people on Earth will probably be walking around naked. Sorry, why am I complaining? I love college sluts….especially when they are down for cfnm. Hope you guys enjoy the clip.

Hooked Another

Sexy Ass Italian Girl In Cfnm

Yes, I hooked another tourist. I couldn’t help myself! I was at lunch, when I saw her walk by, she gave me a double look, so i left my table and made my move. It was probably some of the easiest pussy i’ve ever gotten. She’s a bad ass Italian chick from Jersey…visiting Miami for a week. Man this girl was thick! She’s got a juicy ass and as soon as I saw her walk by, i had to get it. Once I walked up to her, i realize she had sexy fucking lips too, with a Jersey accent. I wanted to fuck her face BAD!

As soon as I started talking to her, I knew she wanted to fuck. She’d been in Miami 3 days with no dick and she was horny. I figured I could break her off with a cfnm quickie. I took her back to my office. I didn’t care that my employees were there, they’ve seen me do this numerous times. Thank goodness this chicks friends didn’t cock block. They let her leave with me, no problem.

When we got to my place, we talked for a bit, kinda got to know eachother. I couldn’t take it anymore though, I asked her straight up if she’d suck my dick and she said yes. I got naked and and stood in front of her. She gave me a great cfnm blowjob. She sucked my dick like a whore. I know she was the one behind the bleachers in high school sucking off all the guys. This bitch was only 18 too! I love it.

So I had to see what her ass was all about. I peeled off her skin tight pants to reveal her juicy ass butt. I told her to bend over on the floor and I fucked the shit outta her. She left her shirt on so i guess it was still cfnm, but her ass was fucking amazing! Her pussy was nice and tight too. When I was done, i just pulled out and busted all over her ass. I’m gonna meet up with her again this week as she’s here till sunday.

Tourist Booty

Milf Giving Cfnm Blowjob

Finally it warmed up here in Miami. This weekends weather was great, so as you know the tourists were flocking and I was looking for a victim…. a cfnm victim. I met this milf on Lincoln Road. Not the greatest looking broad in the world, but she had a mouth and a pussy and I was fucking horny so I had to do what I had to do.

I hung out with her for a few hours. Showed her around the beach a bit. Bought her a few drinks, then it was time to dive in. I didn’t want to bring her ass back to my apartment, just because i’m used to bringing better looking chicks home, so I took her to my office. Either way, ugly or not, she was good for some cfnm. She kept trying to kiss me, but I dodged it as much as possible. I kinda pushed her down to my dick and made her give me a cfnm blowjob.

She actually sucked it quite well. She liked me to fuck her cheek. It felt great. While she was sucking, i was debating whether or not I even wanted to fuck her, but since she sucked it better than expected I decided to give her pussy a try. I laid her up on the desk, pulled her shorts down, and stretched her thong to the side. Her pussy was shaved and looked great! It looked perfect actually… a clean camel toe.

I pulled out a condom and she slid it on my dick for me. Her pussy was good and wet and I slid my dick in. To my amazement, this older broad was tighter than expected. I fucked her hard and made her talk dirty to me. She was a great fuck. Didn’t have the best body, but thats ok, cause I kept most of her clothes on anyway. I’ll tell you what though, i’ve proven time and time again that the uglier girls have better pussy than the super hot ones most of the time.

She let me choke her as I fucked her. I squeezed her tits and was kinda rough. She like it. I don’t think she had been fucked in a while. I asked her where she wanted me to cum. “In my mouth baby”, she said. “Ok, Ok get on your knees” I responded. She did….pulled my condom off and jerked me off in to her mouth. She didn’t even give it a second thought. She swallowed that shit like it was her favorite drink.

MMMMM. I love living in a tourist city!


Cfnm with Big Black Asses

How do you have cfnm sex with two monster black booties? Its nearly impossible when hardly anything can contain these huge asses! Man listen, my buddy calls me up yesterday and forwards me the pictures from a crazy cfnm party he had with these big booty black chicks.

When I say these girls have monster asses, believe me, these girls have monster asses. Even if you aren’t in to black girls, how could you deny these two? They look like so much fun, and the fact that he took them to his place and had fun in his tub is even better.

I obviously can’t post all the pics here, but if you go to you can see all the pics of these two broads shaking their asses, getting wet and getting fucked. Just seeing these pics makes my dick hard and makes me want to find a black chick this weekend. If you like big asses, you will love this shoot.

So, if you get a chance check it out. On another front, nothing new with me. I laid low last night. Just sat around, watched Man Hunters and rubbed one out before going to bed.

I guarantee i’ll have some cfnm stories for you guys next week. If you are bored this weekend, check out some of the sites on the right.

Check Out That Asian Ass

Tight Asian Ass

I was in the mood for some Asian ass last night. I called my buddy that runs an escort service to request that he send me a bad ass Asian lady and boy did he come through. Maxi knocks on my door. I let her in and check her out. She’s got this sexy ass fuck me dress on and legs to die for. Oh Yeah, I definitely wanted some cfnm in that dress of hers.

We have some wine before getting down to action. Through our conversation I learn that she loves anal. News to my ears baby! I lift up her short dress to reveal an amazing ass. She pulls out a butt plug from her purse and tells me to stick it in. It makes me so fucking horny to do anal play with a hot bitch.

I lube up the toy, pull her thong to the side and slide it in to her tight ass. She shows it off to me for a couple minutes, before getting on her knees and giving me a great cfnm blowjob. I swear Asian women are the best at blowjobs. I tell her to kneel on my couch so I can play with the toy a bit, before I stick my dick in.

Finally, its that time. I tell her to put some lube on my dick, then I grab her ass cheeks and insert my rock hard cock in to her tight asshole. She moans as I begin to stroke my cock in and out of her ass. I grab her by the hair and pull her head back as I fuck her even harder. At this point she starts talking dirty to me….saying things like “Fuck my ass baby” and “I want you to fuck me hard”. It makes my dick even harder and I can feel my cum moving up my shaft. I didn’t want to pull out, so I just continue to fuck her harder and harder until I blow inside her tight asshole, giving her an anal creampie.

When i pull out, she squats down on the floor, letting all the cum drip on to the floor. Oh man, that was something to see. It made me want to fuck her again. And believe me, I didn’t let her leave my place before I did fuck her again. This one was definitely worth the money! Big Time.

Asian Anal Cfnm