Cfnm Blowjob with Emma

Emma Mae gives a Cfnm Blowjob

My boy has this hot little tattooed roommate named Emma. I’ve been wanting to get some cfnm action going on with her since the moment she moved in to his place. She’s super cute and super friendly and every time i’m over there we flirt like crazy. I think my boy is a bit jealous. He won’t fuck her because he’s not gonna shit where he eats. So the opportunity is open for me.

Last week I finally asked her for her number. She gave it to me of course and we’ve been texting since. My boy was out of town this weekend. Emma had nothing going on, so she called me over to hang out. When I got there, she was wearing short shorts and a see through T shirt with no bra. Immediately I got aroused thinking of all the things I wanted to do to her. I wanted to fuck her Cfnm style. We were hanging out in the living room, when she suddenly leaned over and started kissing me. It kinda caught me off guard, but I liked that she was taking charge.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was naked, sprawled out on the sofa and she was between my legs. She started at my lips, and worked her way down, never taking one of her hands off my cock. She gave me a cfnm handjob as she kissed on my neck and chest. Finally, she’d made it down to my dick. She grabbed it with one hand and guided it to her mouth. She gave me a phenomenal cfnm blowjob as I laid right there on my boys sofa.

Looking down at her giving me this cfnm blowjob drove me wild. I knew she was a freak. I wanted to go all the way, but she made it clear all i’d be getting this time around was a blowjob. I guess I was ok with that. I was getting cfnm either way, so I could live without the penetration.

As she continued the cfnm blowjob, she said to me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. That got my juices going even more and soon after I let my load go in her warm mouth. She looked in to my eyes the entire time. It drove me wild. When I was done, she sat up and let the cum drip out of her mouth and all over her tits. It was so fucking sexy.

Short Dress Cfnm

Upskirt Pic

Goddamn that is a short fucking dress! That’s what I was thinking the moment I saw Parker. She was walking down the street strutting her shit. Her ass cheeks were poking out from under the dress. She was asking for the King of Cfnm to make a move, and a move was indeed what I was going to make. See dresses that short and outfits that revealing aren’t an uncommon occurrence down here on the beach, but a chick alone, that hot and sexy…..that is rare.

When she saw me staring her down, she smiled. And as she continued to walk, she turned around to give me another look. I knew once she did that, the game was on. I was dying to fuck her cfnm style in that slutty dress she was wearing. As I walked behind her, I asked her to slow down. She stopped in her tracks and turned around with a smile. “What took you so long?” she asked. Her voice was so sexy and she smelled great. I was horny. I wanted cfnm with her, BAD.

I began to walk with her. She was on her way home. She wanted me to walk her there, so I did. We stopped on the way for some frozen drinks. Wet willies would get her tipsy fast! When we got back to her apt, we fucked around outside for a bit. I was trying to work my way inside. Finally, those sweet words, “you wanna come in”. I was in! It was Cfnm time!

She took me to her bedroom. She bent over right in front of me to get her heels off. Her ass was juicy. She knew that I had seen her goods. She turned around to tease me some more. She stared me down and slowly walked up to me, dropping her thong to the ground on the way.

I was horny as fuck. She hiked up her dress to flash her pussy at me. It was clean and shaved. I wanted to lick it, and I did. It tasted so good and got so wet. She undressed me as I leaned back on her bed. Then she climbed up on top of me, straddled me, grabbed my dick and guided it inside her. She rode my dick like a champ. The sound of her ass clapping against my skin drove me wild. I wanted to cum inside her, but that would be poor judgment.

She rode my dick until I couldn’t hold my cum in anymore. “I want you to cum on my face” she said. She hopped off my dick without a moment to spare, got down on her knees and took my spunk all over her pretty face.

Southern Girl Cfnm

Lizzy Tucker Cfnm

I have no idea what brought this cute little Texas girl to sunny Miami and I really don’t care. All i know is, she just turned 18, she was lonely and she was craving attention. I saw her walking alone and looking kind of sad. It was obvious to me that it was only a matter of time before some lucky fuck found her and started to exploit her. So before that happens, I wanted my pickins.

She was wearing these short cutoff shorts and she had a sexy walk to her. Her tits were perky and her shape was nice. She obviously caught my attention and of course I wanted to have cfnm sex with her. She said her name was Lizzy. Apparently she couldn’t wait to leave home and wanted to be a pornstar. Somehow she ended up in Miami instead of California. I told her I knew some guys in the industry and would be happy to hook her up.

Obviously I wasn’t going to do her this favor for nothing. I wanted to fuck her cfnm style and have that 18 yr old pussy around my dick. I played nice with her for a couple hours. She seemed comfortable. After lunch, I asked her if she wanted to hang out and my place and she did. She was diggin the company. I knew once I got her back to my place she’d be open to the cfnm experience.

When we got in my car, I kissed her, just to loosen her up a little more. Once back at my place, I got a little bolder and asked her straight up if she wanted to fuck. I knew she wouldn’t turn me down…I was nice to her, looked like I had a little money and was gonna hook her up with my boys at Bang Bros. I undressed myself and sat in my desk chair. I asked her to suck my dick and she did. I was horny as fuck and ready for a cfnm blowjob.

As she sucked my dick, i felt up her body. I was thinking about all the ways I wanted to fuck her cfnm style. When we finally got to the sex, I slid my dick in slowly. She was tight. It made me even more horny. I bend her over my desk, pulled her hands behind her back and fucked her as hard as I could. As she moaned it made me wanna fuck her harder. I loved the way she took my dick. It drove me wild.

I came all over her pretty little face. I have to say, fucking her was great. Afterwords, I kept my promise and got her in contact with my porn friends. They’re gonna have fun with her!

Evening Gowns Work for Cfnm

Evening Gown Cfnm

While I was out on the town this weekend, up to no good, I met this stunning Milf Ava. She was wearing this form fitting evening gown that accentuated all her features. She looked great. She seemed like easy prey to me, and that dress she was wearing screamed a good cfnm fuck. I couldn’t let her pass me by, so I quickly made a move.

She was in town on business. I knew she was looking for a little business trip dick. I quickly took the role of tour guide and took her to the hottest bar/lounge on lincoln road. After a couple top level drinks, Ava was ready for some cfnm. We hopped in my BMW and headed for my apartment.

Ava couldn’t help herself in the car. She pulled my dick out of my pants and blew me as I drove down Alton Road. She set the tone right, because she had no idea what I was gonna do to that ass when we got home. When we finally got to my place, it was on. She ripped my clothes off me so fast and got down on her knees and sucked my dick like a good whore should. I could tell she was craving cock and cfnm was just the way I wanted it.

She even pulled her tits out of her dress and let me titty fuck her while she was on her knees. I wanted that pussy though. I knew she’d fuck good. We made it over to my sofa, where she hiked up her dress and rode my dick like a machine. She fucked me cfnm style over and over, all night long. When I sent her home in the morning, she must have had cum stains all over her damn dress.

Spandex Cfnm

Spandex Cfnm

I met Summer at a bar that is notorious for gold diggers. She was wearing a spandex outfit that showcased all her crevices and curves. It was also an outfit that drove me wild and had me thinking dirty cfnm thoughts. I love girls in tights and spandex. I made my approach. I knew she was game, otherwise she wouldn’t be at this particular bar. One thing I’ve learned about gold diggers is, if they think you have money, they’ll fuck you on the first night.

I bought Summer a drink. Of course she only wanted the best liquor. I figured i’d spend a couple bucks on drinks and have some guaranteed cfnm sex tonight. We bullshitted for a while. I pretended to be interested in her conversation, when the only thing I was interested in was her looks. Her body was solid. She had juicy lips that I knew would feel great giving me a cfnm blowjob.

I’d had enough of the bullshit. “You wanna get outta here?” I asked. Of course she was down. I knew her type. We hopped in my bmw and made our way back to my place. She had her hand on my thigh the whole time, caressing my leg and arousing me. On the way up to my apt in the elevator we were making out like teenagers. This was gonna be a fun night.

Once inside, the cfnm games began. I relieved myself of my clothes, as Summer gave me a cfnm blowjob. It turned me on so much, because she wouldn’t take her eyes off of my eyes and she worked my dick with her mouth. I squeezed and felt up her body through her spandex outfit. I was extremely horny. I wanted her tight Latina pussy.

I took off her top to suck on her perky tits. It drove her wild. I asked her how she wanted me to fuck her. “From the back Papi,” she said. I bent her ass over, pulled down her spandex, pulled the thong to the side and slid my dick in to her tight wet pussy. I fucked her long and hard cfnm style. She moaned like a slut. She was talking all kinds of dirty shit in Spanish, which made the cfnm sex that much more fun.

The cfnm sex was so good, I almost slipped up and came inside her. I pulled out just in time and shot my load all over her pink pussy. Man to say it was a good night would be an understatement!

Frosting Some Faces

New Dancing Bear Update Alert!!! Another great cfnm party in the books. As we’ve grown accustomed to, a huge hardcore party full of hot women and male strippers. If you love blowjobs, hot women, cfnm, wild parties and lots of dancing, you’ll be addicted to the Dancing Bear. Here are some pics from the latest cfnm blowjob frenzy:

Cfnm Blowjob

Cfnm Handjob

Cfnm Party

Cfnm Blowjob

Riley Gives me Cfnm

Hardcore Riley Gives Cfnm

This lady that works for me introduced me to her friend a couple weeks back. She knew I was in to the party girls and loved to have a good time, so she thought it would be a good idea for me to meet her friend who had the same interests. When I met Riley, it was instant chemistry. We just clicked. Riley has an amazing body that is perfect for cfnm. Trust me, every time i’ve seen her the cfnm thoughts have been running through my mind.

I didn’t want to make things awkward, so i never pressed up on her, but there have been open opportunities for me to make a pass. We hung out yesterday. Riley was looking great. Short skirt, low cut blouse. Just the type of outfit I need for some good Cfnm. I knew it was the day I was gonna get laid.

We met up for happy hour. In a 2 hr period we must have downed 10 drinks a piece, so we were both lit. I made it a point to be extra touchy at the bar. She kept grabbing my hand and putting it on her body. I got a couple ass squeezes in, and i was continuously whispering in her ear. Things like “I want you” and “your so hot”, etc.

We caught a cab back to my place. Things got hot quick. I pulled her tits out of her blouse to give them some attention. Her skirt started to rise up around her waist to reveal her pink thong. Man it didn’t get any easier. Riley knew how to give a great cfnm blowjob, but the sex was amazing. We worked the shit out of that pool table, fucking in all types of positions.

I fucked Riley so good, she texted me this morning to tell me about how sore she was! She provided me with some awesome cfnm thats for sure.

Check out In The VIP

In The VIP is a site that could almost be cfnm, but not quite. However, if you are looking for a cfnm ish site, then In the VIP is worth a look. It is under the Reality Kings umbrella. The site updates once every two weeks and usually features the hottest of the hot girls.

The porn scenes are always filmed in a club and show tons of party girls getting hot and wild. The scenes are filled with blowjobs, fucking, group sex, cfnm, lesbian sex, etc. Some of them are more cfnm than others, but either way they’re all good. Most of the updates also feature UFC failure Kimbo Slice. I guess his presence makes the girls a little more horny.

I’ll attach some pics from a couple resent updates…..

Alexis in the vip

In the VIP Cfnm

Hardcore Party

MilfSoup Cfnm

Gia Malone in Cfnm Porn

It’s about time I see some regular hardcore sites doing some cfnm porn. If you ask me, there isn’t enough cfnm out there as it is. That’s why I’ve created this site. Either way, I was browsing Bang Bros for my daily updates, when I came across their last Milf Soup update. In this shoot, milf pornstar Gia Malone gets drilled cfnm style. She keeps pretty much clothed the entire shoot….but she is sure to show her big juicy tits and her tight pussy.

As far as Gia Malone goes, I couldn’t ask for a hotter babe in a cfnm porn. She is an Italian milf with an amazing, curvy body. Gia is on the short side at 5’4″, just like I like it. She has huge 32DD tits, a 28 waist and size 36 ass. Apparently Gia started doing porn in 2005. Like most girls, she loves doggie style and she’s actually bisexual.

Now back to the cfnm shoot. In this cfnm video, Gia is wearing a very sexy “fuck me” dress and a vest. The only thing she takes off is her panties, to allow the stud easy access to her tight pussy. Thankfully, when she’s sucking and fucking she pulls down her dress to expose her huge boobs. As she fucks, they bounce all over the place. This guy definitely fucks her right and I have to applaud him on providing me with some Cfnm pleasure.

I recommend checking it out.

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Morrigan in Round and Brown

I met my coworkers sister about two months back. I was immediately attracted to her and I could tell she was attracted to me too. When I saw an opportunity, I slid her my business card. She’s texted me off and on since then. About two weeks ago I took her to dinner. I tried to keep it casual, but I wanted to fuck her so bad. The hole time, I had cfnm thoughts running through my head. She was stunning looking. I could tell it was a little awkward for her. Her brother would be upset if he knew I was out with her.

Since taking her to dinner the texts have gotten a little more erotic. She likes to talk about sex i’ve discovered. Finally last night she told me to come over. No one would be home and she had an outfit she wanted to try on for me. I raced over there after work to finally get some cfnm going on.

When I saw her in that fishnet outfit I almost blew my load in my pants. She was so fucking sexy. She’s got these juicy lips and this really sexy haircut. Her body looked amazing in fishnet. I knew it would make for some good cfnm. I got undressed….when she saw my big dick her mouth dropped. I knew she was ready though. As she gave me a cfnm blowjob, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She drove me wild.

I wanted to fuck her bad. I laid down for her to sit on my dick. As she slid it in, she kept telling me how big my dick was. It made me want to fuck her harder. We switched positions so many times. her pussy was so tight and wet. My favorite was fucking her from the back as she looked over her shoulder at me and licked her lips. I fucked her long and hard until I couldn’t hold it anymore. When I was ready I pulled out and had her give me a cfnm blowjob until I came all over her face.