Frosting Some Faces

New Dancing Bear Update Alert!!! Another great cfnm party in the books. As we’ve grown accustomed to, a huge hardcore party full of hot women and male strippers. If you love blowjobs, hot women, cfnm, wild parties and lots of dancing, you’ll be addicted to the Dancing Bear. Here are some pics from the latest cfnm blowjob frenzy:

Cfnm Blowjob

Cfnm Handjob

Cfnm Party

Cfnm Blowjob

Riley Gives me Cfnm

Hardcore Riley Gives Cfnm

This lady that works for me introduced me to her friend a couple weeks back. She knew I was in to the party girls and loved to have a good time, so she thought it would be a good idea for me to meet her friend who had the same interests. When I met Riley, it was instant chemistry. We just clicked. Riley has an amazing body that is perfect for cfnm. Trust me, every time i’ve seen her the cfnm thoughts have been running through my mind.

I didn’t want to make things awkward, so i never pressed up on her, but there have been open opportunities for me to make a pass. We hung out yesterday. Riley was looking great. Short skirt, low cut blouse. Just the type of outfit I need for some good Cfnm. I knew it was the day I was gonna get laid.

We met up for happy hour. In a 2 hr period we must have downed 10 drinks a piece, so we were both lit. I made it a point to be extra touchy at the bar. She kept grabbing my hand and putting it on her body. I got a couple ass squeezes in, and i was continuously whispering in her ear. Things like “I want you” and “your so hot”, etc.

We caught a cab back to my place. Things got hot quick. I pulled her tits out of her blouse to give them some attention. Her skirt started to rise up around her waist to reveal her pink thong. Man it didn’t get any easier. Riley knew how to give a great cfnm blowjob, but the sex was amazing. We worked the shit out of that pool table, fucking in all types of positions.

I fucked Riley so good, she texted me this morning to tell me about how sore she was! She provided me with some awesome cfnm thats for sure.

Check out In The VIP

In The VIP is a site that could almost be cfnm, but not quite. However, if you are looking for a cfnm ish site, then In the VIP is worth a look. It is under the Reality Kings umbrella. The site updates once every two weeks and usually features the hottest of the hot girls.

The porn scenes are always filmed in a club and show tons of party girls getting hot and wild. The scenes are filled with blowjobs, fucking, group sex, cfnm, lesbian sex, etc. Some of them are more cfnm than others, but either way they’re all good. Most of the updates also feature UFC failure Kimbo Slice. I guess his presence makes the girls a little more horny.

I’ll attach some pics from a couple resent updates…..

Alexis in the vip

In the VIP Cfnm

Hardcore Party

MilfSoup Cfnm

Gia Malone in Cfnm Porn

It’s about time I see some regular hardcore sites doing some cfnm porn. If you ask me, there isn’t enough cfnm out there as it is. That’s why I’ve created this site. Either way, I was browsing Bang Bros for my daily updates, when I came across their last Milf Soup update. In this shoot, milf pornstar Gia Malone gets drilled cfnm style. She keeps pretty much clothed the entire shoot….but she is sure to show her big juicy tits and her tight pussy.

As far as Gia Malone goes, I couldn’t ask for a hotter babe in a cfnm porn. She is an Italian milf with an amazing, curvy body. Gia is on the short side at 5’4″, just like I like it. She has huge 32DD tits, a 28 waist and size 36 ass. Apparently Gia started doing porn in 2005. Like most girls, she loves doggie style and she’s actually bisexual.

Now back to the cfnm shoot. In this cfnm video, Gia is wearing a very sexy “fuck me” dress and a vest. The only thing she takes off is her panties, to allow the stud easy access to her tight pussy. Thankfully, when she’s sucking and fucking she pulls down her dress to expose her huge boobs. As she fucks, they bounce all over the place. This guy definitely fucks her right and I have to applaud him on providing me with some Cfnm pleasure.

I recommend checking it out.

Morgan Does Cfnm

Morrigan in Round and Brown

I met my coworkers sister about two months back. I was immediately attracted to her and I could tell she was attracted to me too. When I saw an opportunity, I slid her my business card. She’s texted me off and on since then. About two weeks ago I took her to dinner. I tried to keep it casual, but I wanted to fuck her so bad. The hole time, I had cfnm thoughts running through my head. She was stunning looking. I could tell it was a little awkward for her. Her brother would be upset if he knew I was out with her.

Since taking her to dinner the texts have gotten a little more erotic. She likes to talk about sex i’ve discovered. Finally last night she told me to come over. No one would be home and she had an outfit she wanted to try on for me. I raced over there after work to finally get some cfnm going on.

When I saw her in that fishnet outfit I almost blew my load in my pants. She was so fucking sexy. She’s got these juicy lips and this really sexy haircut. Her body looked amazing in fishnet. I knew it would make for some good cfnm. I got undressed….when she saw my big dick her mouth dropped. I knew she was ready though. As she gave me a cfnm blowjob, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She drove me wild.

I wanted to fuck her bad. I laid down for her to sit on my dick. As she slid it in, she kept telling me how big my dick was. It made me want to fuck her harder. We switched positions so many times. her pussy was so tight and wet. My favorite was fucking her from the back as she looked over her shoulder at me and licked her lips. I fucked her long and hard until I couldn’t hold it anymore. When I was ready I pulled out and had her give me a cfnm blowjob until I came all over her face.

A Little Cfnm Anal Fun

Tight Ass Cfnm

Vanessa called me yesterday, asking if i’d have time to stop by her place. She had a craving for dick and wanted me to fill it. I’ve known Vanessa for a while and we’ve never had a bad sexual experience. She’s one of those girls that likes to sleep around and doesn’t want anything stable and that is completely ok with me. I give her the dick she needs when she asks for it and both of us are happy.

When I got to her place, I went straight to the back yard cause I knew that is where she would be. She was wearing some daisy dukes and a pink halter top. She’d gained some weight since the last time I talked to her too, but I liked it. She was looking thick and juicy. I couldn’t stop the cfnm thoughts of course. Especially as her ass cheeks were hanging out of her shorts. I wanted to rip a hole in her shorts and fuck her juicy ass cfnm style.

I walked over and kissed her. We sat down and had some ice tea, before getting back to business. “I wanna give you something special,” Vanessa said. “I think you’ll like it,” she continued. “Oh yeah? What’s that?” I responded.

She got up and took her shorts off to reveal her bright blue thong. I wanted to bite her ass like a peach. I watched as she did her thing. She got down on all fours, pulled her thong to the side. Then she said, “I want you to fuck my ass.” I was harder than ever at that point. I’d be surprised if my ears didn’t literally move as she said that!

I looked down at her ass. It looked so good and tight. I took off my clothes as she remained on all fours waiting for me to pleasure her ass. I crawled up behind her and licked her tight ass. I licked it for a while, working my way up and down from her pussy slit to her ass. She moaned and squirmed. I know she was HOT! I worked a couple fingers in and out of her ass to loosen it up. She’d already had the lube outside.

I lubed up my dick and her ass. I was in heaven right now. As I told you guys many times, there is nothing i love more than anal cfnm. I slid my dick in nice and slow. It was so fucking tight. I grabbed her tits as I hit it from the back. She loved it. If the neighbors didn’t see or hear us, i’d be amazed. You could probably hear the sound of her ass clap down the street. I fucked her ass for as long as i could, until I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I came right in her ass. Gave her a cfnm anal creampie. MMMMMMMMM

When we were done, she told me she had found out that she loved anal sex and was really craving it, thats why she called me. “Keep it up” I said.

Tattooed Cfnm

Tattooed Cfnm

I picked up a stray yesterday. I saw this sexy little white girl walking alone, no friends in site. She had on these tights, that of course drive me wild. I could tell she had big boobs in her low cut shirt. When I saw her walk by I knew i had to make a move. I needed a cfnm fuck for the night anyway.

When I started talking to her, she talked right back. Thank god she wasn’t a shy one. She said she was headed to the bar and all her friends had stood her up. I asked her if she needed some company and she was cool with it. We hit the bar for a couple of drinks where I pretended to be interested.

An hour in, and I had her in the palm of my hand. She wanted some dick, I could sense it. I wanted some cfnm with her in those tights, hugging her ass. We left the bar on the way back to my place. I was feeling on her body on the way. She’d tell me to stop, but I know she didn’t want me to. The cfnm thoughts were running wild.

When we got back to my apartment, the super freak in her came out. She started kissing me all over. She was rubbing my dick through my pants and saying “I don’t usually do this.” Thats what all the hoes say. haha

I unbuckled my belt as she pulled my pants down. She took a hold of my dick and started giving me a great cfnm blowjob. I was looking down at her wanting to fuck her slut ass so bad. I grabbed her by the hair as she continued the cfnm blowjob. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to fuck her.

I pulled her shirt off to see her big tits. They were nice. But I wanted her pussy. I pulled her tights down half way, pulled her thong to the side and pulled her towards me. She rode my dick with her ass in my face. She had all kinds of tattoos. She was definitely a slut. I fucked her hard and long until i was ready to bust. When I pulled out, i shot my load all over her face.

Last Minute Cfnm Blowjob

Cfnm Blowjob

I was supposed to go to the movies last night, when my date stopped me dead in my tracks. Before we could walk out of my apartment she must have gotten horny. She grabbed me and pulled me back to the bedroom. She quickly undressed me an got on the bed, pulling me closer to her. She wanted to give me a last minute cfnm blowjob before we went to the movies.

The spontaneity of her actions got me hard quick. I love quickies, especially when they’re initiated by the girl! I pulled her tits out of her tank, to fondle them while she blew my dick cfnm style. As she sucked my dick, she continued to tell me her pussy was so wet. It drove me wild. At this point I no longer cared about watching the movie.

I grabbed her and put my dick between her tits. They were so soft. If we were going to miss the movie, I wanted to get some cfnm titty fucking in too. That wasn’t enough for her. I watched as she started to rub her clit. She was so fucking horny. I had to fuck her.

As she laid on her back, I pulled her panties to the side and gave it a little lick. It was wet and tasted so good. She moaned and grabbed my hair, throwing her legs in the air. “Come here” she said. I knew that was my cue to get on top of her and slide my dick in. When I did, she grabbed me so tight. I fucked her hard and quick. She had an orgasm in record time! I came quickly after. Busting all over her juicy tits.

By the time we were done, we weren’t making the movie, we decided to fuck all over again.

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Cfnm Party

What’s up Dancing Bear Fans? The new update is up. This one is a little different. No clubs, this time the Bear guys set up shop in the ballroom of a fancy hotel hoping to attract some fine ladies for some cfnm fun. I’ll tell you, this is probably the best assortment of women I’ve seen on a dancing bear shoot in a long time.

All of the women look horny and ready for some stripper meat. Once the guys step out from behind the curtains, the girls go crazy. They start passing cfnm blowjobs around like hotcakes. The room gets filled with cumshots and one hot blond gets railed by one of the strippers.

If you want an hour and forty five minutes of cfnm fun, than this is the video for you. Trust me, this one will not leave you disappointed!

Cfnm Fucking

Cfnm Handjob

Cfnm Party

Dancing Bear Blowjob